Actually Being Prepared with a Condom

There are all sorts of commercials and movements out there about safe sex and wearing condoms when you bang. But because the advancement of female birth control we often don’t worry about wrapping our junk because she shouldn’t get pregnant. But wearing a condom goes way beyond that. When you want to be prepared for anything, you’ve got to have one. But there are certain ways that you need to keep them and use them to make sure that you and your little guy stay safe together. It might seem like beating a dead horse, but you’ve got to know your condom etiquette.

Storing Them

“Store them as well as you can”

Condoms aren’t something that need to be fresh when you use them, but they do have to be well taken care of. The old idea that you should always carry a condom in your wallet is bust. The heat and pressure wears the latex down and makes the thing way more likely to break when you do bring it out. The thought it there, but the execution is sloppy. If you don’t live in a warm place you can always keep them in the glove box of your car. This is if you’re on the go, of course. At home you can keep them anywhere in your house as long as they are away from heat vents or stoves. As lame as it might feel, get one of those little coin purses for your condoms when you’re on the go. It can easily fit into your pocket and if it falls out you won’t have to explain to your date that you thought you were going to get lucky at the end.

Why You Need Them

Like we said earlier, female birth control is on point. Good on the scientists that have come up with so many ways to control baby making without strapping chastity belts to the ladies. But the truth of the matter is that, thanks to that, we’re slacking. Sure, we say we’ll use condoms to keep from making kids, but more likely we try to bareback it because it feels better. When you do that you’re totally letting any sort of STI that’s riding her train onto your station. Diseases don’t care if it feels better with or without the condom; they will get you if you don’t use one.

Stick to It

“She will enjoy it”

It’s not going to be easy to commit to being prepared with a condom and actually using it. But you can do it. You just have to be present at the right time. When you know that you’re going to be with a woman that night put the condom out in plain sight. So long as you aren’t springing sex on her, this won’t be an issue of making her feel uncomfortable. Then you won’t have to root around the room looking for your pants so you can put it on. Grab the thing, open it up (by tearing the corner, it’s not rocket science) and CORRECTLY roll it on. Don’t be afraid to read the instructions while you’re on the shitter sometime, it might save your dick.


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