At-Home Dates That Are Far From Boring

“You can have fun at home too”

At-home dates have sort of gotten a bad rap. Sure, they sound good because most people tend to be broke and have a pretty small amount of time. But those sorts of dates tend to end up being a mediocre dinner and a movie. But they don’t have to be. If you want to keep things intimate or just keep them cheap, you can have her over for one of these at home dates that will keep everyone happy.

Would You Rather?

This game revolves around the idea of choosing what you’d rather do based on two choices that you don’t like. Would you rather have troll hair on your nipples or pubes made out of pipe cleaners? Neither would be awesome, but it’s really fun getting to know each other through these really awkward scenarios. You can buy the whole board game, which makes it a little bit more of an event, or you can just print out some questions.

If this doesn’t seem like your sort of game you can really substitute it with any other couples game. They sound really cheesy, but bring out the best in people and give you some more insight into your lady. You can always raise the bets by making any version strip worthy. An example would be having to guess what the other person would pick in Would You Rather? and if you get it wrong you take off your clothes.

Go Gourmet

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean that you have to eat Chinese food or a pizza. Get really fancy and go gourmet. You can either buy the food yourself and make it or get some takeout. Every restaurant has takeout available, so order a ton of food and then have leftovers for the next few days. It’s fun trying the weird stuff together too, so if you can get some frog legs that’d be great.

Be Your Own Cooks

“Enjoy your self-made dishes”

This is a cool way to spend your time together, especially if neither one of you cooks. Making pizza together is one way to get in the kitchen, get dirty, and have those classic TV moments where flour ends up on someone’s nose and you have to wipe it off romantically. Your food might not come out the best, but the process of making it can cause a lot of laughter. Just make sure you have something prepared as backup in case you burn the pasta.

Go Viral

If you’re still looking for something that’s fairly traditional but still entertaining, why not watch YouTube? Pop some popcorn and plunk down in front of the laptop. Then you can share videos that you love together or even find something new that you both like. They also have episodes and movies on there, so really what you end up watching could be a movie or the video about the kid after the dentist. You don’t know where you’ll end up, but you know that it’s going to be interesting. Just make sure you clear your porn history before you type in the address so youporn or something doesn’t come up.


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