Dealing with a Screamer in Bed

“Be the reason for her pleasurable screams”

You might be looking at the title and wander why the “dealing” bit is in there. Screamers are awesome, right? Those women who feel the earth quaking orgasms that you give them so hard that they just have to let out a blood curdling scream every time you thrust are very sexy. But you know what else they are? Loud. You know what neighbors, roommates, parents, and anyone who isn’t having sex with her hate? Her being loud. No one wants to know your nasty business, and even if you don’t care it can make for a really awkward run to get the morning paper. Your neighbors will give you those beady “I hear you banging” eyes and cut off their neighborly kindness forever. While it’s awesome that she’s loud, you do have to tone it down a bit if you have others in earshot. Or if your ears are getting burst on a nightly basis.

Change Positions

If her mouth is on a pillow she can’t scream that loudly. So the next time that you’re in missionary be daring and switch her around to the lazy dog. It’s the same thing as doggy style, but you’ve both fallen forward and she’s on her stomach with her face in a pillow. Then she’ll be naturally inclined to scream into it. Another position for this is the same doggy style, but she lies down on her chest with, you guessed it, her face in the pillow. Even though she’ll probably still be heard, it will be more believable that you just accidentally.

Get Kinky

“Try to get dirtier with her”

The world has started to get a little kinkier. Dildos and vibrators are sold in drug stores under the guise as “personal massagers”, porn can occasionally be classy, and celebrities flashing their nether regions aren’t all that uncommon. Thanks to this our mindsets have been opened. More people are more into the weird side of sex. If you and your lady haven’t already tried some bondage, now is the time to do so. Have a sexy, sensual evening with a silk blindfold and restraints. While you’re getting her riled up, take the time to gag her. It doesn’t have to be hardcore, just something tied comfortably around her mouth. She’ll like that you’re paying attention to the details and that you’re getting friskier in bed. A small gag won’t shut her up completely, but it will muffle the sounds.

Make it Into a Game

When you’re getting down at the midnight hour and you know you’ve got to keep quiet, tell her that if she makes any noise you’re going to stop what you’re doing. The key is to actually fallow through with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re going down on her, pounding away, or if she’s on top. She can make all of the faces that she wants, but as soon as you hear a noise you pull out and remind her that she’s got to be quiet. The rule will make everything more intense for her, so she’ll gladly agree.


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