Easy Ways to Flatter Her

When it comes to flattering women, some of us have no idea what to say. Sometimes if we’re lucky enough to know what to say, we still fail at figuring out how to say it. Something that sounds flattering in our heads can come out sounding awful if said incorrectly. If you really want to flatter women, what you first need to do is figure out not only what to say, but exactly how to say it.

She Caught Your Eye, and Kept It

“Don’t lose the eye contact”

One of the best ways to flatter women is to let them know that you noticed them a long time ago, but they’ve you’ve been working up the nerve to come introduce yourself to her. When you do this, you don’t want to say anything like, “I’ve been watching you for awhile now,” or “I’ve been staring at you from across the room.” That will definitely make you come up as sort of creepy. Instead, you can say something like, “I noticed you awhile ago, and I’ve glanced back a few times to make sure you were still there. It looked like you were about to leave, so I figured I’d take my chances and come say hello.”

This type of line does several things. The first thing it does it tell her that you were aware of her the moment that you saw her. It also tells her that you thought her to be so attractive that you wanted to make sure that she was still in your presence because you couldn’t believe how beautiful she is. Finally, it tells her that while you may come off as being uncertain of whether you’re in her league, you still had enough confidence to introduce yourself to her. These things are all extremely flattering to women.

She’s a Great Conversationalist

“Compliment her when talking to her”

Women will definitely be flattered when you tell them that they are great at carrying on conversations because it’s a compliment that they don’t often receive. Most of the time, a man’s compliment to women is strictly limited to how beautiful he finds her. When this can be a great compliment every now and then, it is annoying to women if that is the only compliment that you ever give them.

When you tell a woman that she’s a great conversationalist, it tells her that you enjoy hearing the things that she has to say. This will definitely bring a smile to her face, which works to your advantage. When a woman feels like you care about the things that she says, she will quickly grow more comfortable around you. The most comfortable she is, the better chance you have at getting laid.

Flattering women is one of the easiest things that a man can do. All you have to do is stop using those same played out compliments that most men give to women and instead flatter her with something that she doesn’t often her. Make her aware that you see her as more than just a hot body and a pretty face. When you do, it betters your chances for anything else you may have in store for her.


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