Five Ways to Avoid Saying Those Three Little Words

Nothing can derail a great casual relationship like her saying “I love you.” Nothing can totally end it faster than you saying it back. After that it’s not a fun casual thing anymore. Whether you want it or not you’re in it for the long haul now. If you want to avoid having the death toll come for your fun, sexy fling then use one of these ways to stall the relationship.


This is the first line of defense. She says “I love you” and you spring into action. First thing’s first; you should point to the waiter, point to someone driving really unsafely, or do anything you can to change the subject. The best thing to do is provide a monumental distraction (swerving into another lane to “avoid” another car would qualify, so long as you don’t actually get in a wreck over it) and then follow that up with another absorbing topic of conversation.


"Deflect the topic and say something to make her smile"

“Deflect the topic and say something to make her smile”

If there’s no distraction on the horizon then you can switch over to deflection mode. Rather than engaging with her comment, just gloss over it and start talking about something else. Keep the topic light and conversation flowing, and don’t actually address what she said. It’ll hurt, but she’ll take the hint.


You’re not willing to say that you love her. What about that she’s special to you? You admire her? She’s amazing? Awesome? Fun? Find the compliment that you can give her and give it as sincerely as you can. She’s going to pick up on the fact that you didn’t actually say that you loved her, but you can smooth over the damage by telling her something that she believes means almost the same thing. Say it with a big smile and she won’t be able to prompt you to say what she really wants to hear.


This method isn’t terribly recommended, but you can always just ignore that she’s said anything to you. Spontaneous deafness is the best thing for you if you think you’d otherwise say something that you’d regret. It’s going to hurt her feelings. You should be extra attentive in the next weeks to be sure that she doesn’t think that things between the two of you are over.


By far the best solution is to stop this from happening. If you see her gearing up for a big emotional speech interrupt her. Do anything that you have to do. Pretend that you got a sudden stomach cramp, spill something on her, or say something so insensitive that it will cool the fire of her passion. Just stop that speech! If she can’t give out her big speech then you have a better chance of convincing her in other ways that it’s a bad idea to profess love at this time.

With these five tips at your disposal you have a better chance than ever of getting her to avoid those three little words that will ruin your sex life. Stay on your toes, especially around anniversaries, and you won’t have to choose which of the five you’re going to use.


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