Four Personal Grooming Habits That Are Losing You Dates

You don’t smell. You keep your clothes unstained. You make sure that you get your teeth cleaned and your hair cut. So you probably don’t know that you have personal hygiene issues that are turning women off by the droves. If you have any one of these four problems it’s not poor hygiene that’s losing your dates, it’s the “good” things that you’re doing to attract them.

Too Much Cologne

"Do not wear too much cologne"

“Do not wear too much cologne”

Every man is guilty of this at one time or another. Too much cologne is the kind of thing that would keep even the most into you woman out there at a safe distance. If you want to use this miracle woman attractor you have to use it right. Don’t spray it on like a woman puts on perfume. Cologne is much stronger than that. Just a spray or two (tops) in the air in front of you, then walk back and forth through it a couple times. This will let it sink into your clothes at a pleasant level. Too much cologne can be cloying and gives people headaches. On top of that, cologne is not a deodorant. Never use it instead of one, and definitely never use it instead of a shower.

Cinnamon Toothpaste

If you’re a fan of red rush cinnamon toothpaste then there’s some bad news for you. Women overwhelmingly prefer mint, spearmint, etc. when it comes to oral hygiene. This is true of most people, not just the fairer sex. Keep things toasty and you’re also going to be keeping a lot of people away. Cinnamon is a much heavier flavor and scent then mint and it shows. Steer clear on nights when you wan to pick up women.

The Comb Over

"You can impress her with your hairstyle"

“You can impress her with your hairstyle”

By and large, you can’t help it that you’re losing your hair. It’s just what happens. The worst thing that you can do is try to over that up with a comb over that just isn’t cutting it. You’re losing your hair. You know it, she knows it, and when you have a hair style that just calls attention to it then the whole world knows it too. You’d be better off shaving it all off than having a comb over.

Unusual Facial Hair

You might think that mustache is delightfully ironic, or that a wild, untamed beard suits your face. You could think you look great. Your friends might agree, but women prefer a more tamed appearance. You can cut out the dreadlocks and the waxed handlebar mustache and have a much better result when you’re hitting on the ladies. It’s not that women don’t like facial hair. There are plenty of ladies out there who don’t turn their heads unless you’ve at least got some stubble. But unusual or unique facial hair is generally a big turn off with the female crowd.

These habits might work well with your personal routine but the key to looking good for women is flexibility. If you’re not willing to change these very superficial traits to appeal to more ladies then you’re not really ready to be with more than one woman at a time. If you want to have multiple women you have to appeal to the majority, not the fringe.


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