Fun Ways to Choose a First Date

One great way to decide what to do on a first date is to rely on the game of chance. Once you have met a woman and the two of you have decided to go on a date, you are going to have to figure out where to go and what to do.

The Magician Method

“Impress her with magic tricks”

While many men actually lose sleep trying to figure out what to do on a date, the magician method makes deciding what to do on a date easy and fun. Before you rely on the magician method to decide what the two of you should do on a date, you are going to have to make sure that she is okay with this method.

The magician method is simple. If you are picking her up, you should show up at her house with a hat and several slips of paper cut into strips. The two of you should take turns filling out what the two of you want to do on a date and where the two of you want to go. Make sure that you talk about this beforehand before you start filling out the strips. You don’t want to write something down that she hates or is afraid of, and you certainly don’t want to end up doing something boring that she jots down. Once the two of you have filled out your slips, fold them up and throw them into the hat. You should then decide who will pull the first slips and how many slips will be pulled in total. Whatever either of you choose is what the two of you will do on your date.

The Thrill Seeker Method

“Go out for an adventurous date”

Although the name is a bit misleading, the thrill seeker is also a great way to choose a first date. However, the thrill seeker method is only for those people with great sense of humor. When you use the thrill seeker method to pick your first date, the two of you will have to be online. You goal is to search the internet for lists of the worst dates ever. Look for lists that give details about why the date was awful. For example, the service was terrible at a restaurant or the floors were sticky. The two of you must agree on the story that amuses you the most and then recreate the date in hopes of seeing if it turns out the same way, or better. The thrill seeker method is a great way to weed out the stuck up women from the women who know how to have fun.

These two methods are simple for figuring out fun ways to choosing a first date. They also allow you to see what women will be fun and what women will be boring and typical. We’ve found that the women who like either one or both of these methods are always end up having a great time on the date. Women who seem reluctant to use these methods are generally uptight to the point where you’re dying for the date to be over.


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