How to Ensure That She Gets Off

Hooking up is usually fairly straightforward for guys. You don’t really need to worry too much about whether or not you’ll get off. However, it’s usually not that easy for women. In fact, some women may not be able to orgasm from sex at all. This sucks, especially if you have the idea that you are amazing in bed only to find out that she may have been faking it. Knowing how to help make sure that she gets off will make the sex better for both of you, since she will be more enthused about sex in general, and it will help you feel better about your skill in bed too.

How to Tell if She’s Faking It

You might think that a woman has never faked an orgasm when she was in bed with you, but the sad reality is that a lot more women fake than you might think, and they do it fairly often, too. It can be difficult to know if she is faking it if you have never thought about it before. If her moans seem too controlled and she seems to orgasm at a convenient point, it may be time to consider the fact that she is faking her orgasm. Don’t worry, though – you can definitely fix this and make sure she actually gets off for real.

Putting More Emphasis on Foreplay

“Kiss her passionately”

Foreplay is pretty boring for guys, but it can make a world of difference for women and how much they wind up enjoying the sex that they have. Putting more time and effort into foreplay is a great way to ensure that she’s warmed up and ready to go for the real event. Find out what she likes and focus on it. if she wants you to go down on her, go down on her and do it as best as you can. If she wants to be fingered, you had better get your fingers ready for a workout. Whatever it is that she enjoys most, take the time to focus on that and you will see rewards for it during the actual sex. She’s much more likely to orgasm during sex if she’s been warmed up properly.

Focusing on Her during the Act

“Give her the pleasure she wants”

Most guys focus only on what they want during sex, but this might be a major reason why she isn’t able to get off during sex. Put more of the focus on her and what she wants to do during sex and you may notice results quite quickly. After all, you are going to get off pretty much no matter what, so if she wants to try a particular position or act you should go along with it and see how it goes. You might be surprised by what she ends up wanting to do and things can wind up being very enjoyable for you, even if you weren’t so sure about it to begin with. It’s always worth a shot to make her enjoy herself even more.


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