How to Recover From an Accidental “I Love You”

“You cannot go back in time”
It’s easy to get caught up in a moment and say things you don’t mean. Sex is the perfect situation for that kind of thing. Saying “I love you” during sex might seem like a little thing when you’re in the middle of getting yours, but it has repercussions you’re really going to regret later. Even if you’ve made it clear that you’re only interested in a relationship that consists only of sex, saying those three words can be a game changer. If you want to keep things simple and avoid any annoying emotional issues, you’ll have to learn to do damage control.

Tell the Truth

You can always opt to tell the truth. If you said you loved her accidentally and totally didn’t mean it, fess up to it. Yes, this’ll make you look like a jerk. But it also erases any notion in her mind that you might have meant what you said. Hesitating and trying to find an easy way to let her down might just make her think that you do love her. Same goes if you decide to ignore what you said altogether. This kind of honesty might make her second guess whether she wants to keep sleeping with you, though.

Play Along

If you really like the sex you’re having, it might be to your advantage to keep pretending that you meant what you said. Of course, you’ll have to deal with her need for increased intimacy, but it’s up to you to decide if getting laid is worth all that trouble. Playing along will inevitably result in her getting hurt when the truth comes out, but if that thought doesn’t bother you, go ahead. Just remember that people who are in love spend a lot of time together, so she’ll expect it from you. If all you want is sex with no strings attached, pretending to love her is inviting an emotional mess.

Tell Her It’s “A Different Kind of Love”

“Try to convince her with your words”
You can always try to tell her that you love her, but you don’t love her in that way. You’ll sound like a jerk with this excuse too, but it should keep you single. If she’s optimistic, she might keep having sex with you in hopes that it will grow into the right kind of love. If she’s smart, she’ll realize what you’re doing and bail.

Pretend It’s Not What You Said

Good sex is noisy sex. Wet noises, skin slapping, moans, groans, and grunts make it easy for anything you say in the heat of the moment to be misinterpreted. Play up that angle if you said what you shouldn’t have. Tell her it was just words that made no sense, or some kind of dirty talk. You can even pretend you were just groaning.

Tell Her It’s What You Thought She Wanted To Hear

Again, she’s going to think you’re an asshole if you say this. On the other hand, it gets the point across that you didn’t mean it when you said you loved her. Be prepared for her to get pissy if you decide to use this tactic.


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