Is She Really Getting Off?

It’s a myth as old as time: the female orgasm. That’s not to say that the actual thing itself is a myth, but whether it’s real or not is. Some women aren’t very good at faking it while others should probably just be professional actors in the matter. It’s difficult as hell to tell if a woman is actually getting off since there’s a whole stereotype that women fake it in bed and we see all of these porn stars screaming their heads off yelling “I’m cumming I’m cumming!” With that bias it can be hard to tell when the real deal comes around. But it’s actually easier than you think to get a woman to be able to really get off.

It’s All in the Body

“Her body will tell you, whether she is faking it or not”

Screaming and tearing her sheets off is all well and good for the camera, but the real tell is in her body. A woman is similar to a man when he cums, and we all know what that’s like. When she’s getting off you’ll see her back arch, but even more than that her body will tense up, her toes will curl out, and her face will not be the prettiest it’s ever been. She’ll look sexy as hell, but the muscles in her face will make her brow furrow and possibly do something weird to her nose/upper lip area. That’s because there are tons of muscle spasms happening that radiate from her vag going outward. No matter how good she is she can’t fake that.

You’ll Feel It

“Make her feel heavenly pleasure”

Since she will be having so many muscle contractions you should be able to feel t least some of them. If you can’t feel the walls of her trim grabbing onto your dick, then you might need to fine tune your senses. Go down on her and finger her at the same time. You’ll really be able to get a feel for it through your fingers. When you’ve got this down you can try to focus on your dick and see if you can actually feel the spasms.

Prep Her

The whole reason women fake orgasms is because they feel bad. They won’t always tell you this, but you work so hard to get them off that they just want to make you happy and pretend. Or, on the other hand, you’re humping at her for so long that she just wants it all to be over. Most guys won’t give up until she finishes too, but that puts a major burden on her to cum. With women, they feel an orgasm as much in their heart as they do in their body. If they’re worried or stressed about anything it’s going to be way harder for her to finish. So remove the pressure by telling her to be honest with you. Saying it won’t hurt your feelings if she’s just done with the whole process only works if you follow through though. Go down on her, warm her up, and get ready to ride until she either finishes or kicks you off.


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