Just Enough or Too Much: Knowing When She’s a Bit Too Crazy

“Does she seem crazy to you?”

Hooking up with a girl who’s a little bit crazy can be a lot of fun. She might be way kinkier than what you’re used to, and she might just be more enthusiastic in general. This can be great for guys who aren’t used to having sex with a woman who’s anything but vanilla. However, there is a definite line that should not be crossed. Some women – just like some men – are just a little bit too crazy. Knowing how to spot women who will be just a bit too crazy will help you have better hookups and keep you from making a terrible mistake you will wind up regretting.

Is She Crazy in Bed or Crazy in the Head?

Obviously, there is a big difference between being a little bit wild in bed and being actually crazy. Women who are just a bit wild in bed are totally fine and you should definitely seek them out when you want to hook up. Women who are actually unstable are definitely not the type of woman you want to be hooking up with. If she seems way too invested in you, especially if it’s just meant to be a hookup, you may want to consider turning tail and finding someone else to spend time with before it’s too late.

Why You Should Head for the Hills

You might not think that it’s that bad to hook up with a woman who’s a bit crazy, but there are some definite reasons as to why you want to avoid this type of woman. The actual hookup might be fine, but she can pose some serious risks to you after the fact if you are not careful. A woman who’s a bit unstable might wind up finding out where you live or she might find out other personal information about you, and if she’s unhappy with how things wound up, she might try to get revenge on you. it sounds crazy, but that’s because it is. You should be careful and cautious when hooking up because it CAN go badly for you if you are not careful enough, or even if you are just unlucky.

The Consequences of Sticking Your Dick in Crazy

“You should stay protected from her craziness”

If you went ahead and hooked up with a girl who was a little bit crazy despite knowing why you shouldn’t, there are some definite consequences. You might wind up being roped into a relationship you never wanted to be a part of, especially if she’s the clingy type. She may wind up making your life a living hell if she finds out any of your personal information, including where you work or who your friends are. There might be no real rhyme or reason for it, but there are definite reasons why you should avoid getting into this situation and there are definitely consequences for going ahead and doing it anyway. Protect yourself and try to avoid unstable women at all costs, no matter how hot she might be.


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