Pet Names That Are Sure to Delight Her

“Know how to wow her with a pet name”

Pet names are a great way to make things a bit more intimate between you and your girlfriend or fling, whether it’s a short term or long term relationship. Calling her the right pet name can be cute and romantic, but it’s not always easy to know what you should be calling her. Some pet names seem to annoy women while others are just overly cutesy, and not something you want to be caught saying out loud. Knowing what pet names are sure to make her happy while still being normal enough to say out loud will help you make sure you keep your girlfriend for as long as you want her around.

Anything That Isn’t Demeaning

Some pet names are supposed to be cute but they just come off as being quite demeaning or insulting for the woman. Calling her “babe” or “sugar” might not bother her, but some women hate this. If it has any undertones of being rude or demeaning, then it is definitely something you want to avoid using on her. On the contrary, nicknames that emphasize how great she is will be sure to go over well. Calling her your very own superheroine or coming up with something that emphasizes her finer qualities will definitely score you brownie points.

Anything That’s an inside Joke between the Two of You

Inside jokes can be some of the best things you can share in a relationship. If you have any inside jokes with your girl, it can wind up being a great pet name you can call her. She’ll love it because it shows that you pay attention to your little jokes, and it’ll be something that most other people are not likely to use. It offers a creative twist on the usual pet names, and you won’t have to explain the possibly embarrassing origins behind it to anybody else. It’s also a lot less saccharine than some of the pet names that are common nowadays, so you won’t feel like an idiot saying it out loud in case anybody passes by.

Something That You Made up for Her

“Try to be genuine with the nicknames”

Coming up with your own unique nickname for your girlfriend can really win points with her, as long as it isn’t insulting or rude in any way. Try to come up with a name that is based off of some of her qualities. It doesn’t have to be a completely new word or anything, since that would be quite difficult, but it should be unique to her. Calling her “Curly” if she has curly hair could be cute. Make sure to test it out on her before you start using it on her all the time, since you don’t want to wind up coming up with a pet name that she absolutely detests. It might not be easy to tell if she likes it or not, but you can always ask your friends for advice to see what they think about it too. Soon enough you’ll have plenty of good pet names to use on her, and she’ll love the attention.


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