Remembering All of Your Lovers’ Names

It might seem really stupid to have a bit on remembering all of your lovers’ names, but think about it from a different way. When you’re trying to keep your love life under wraps so that your main date doesn’t find out, you’ll do almost anything. Dating all of these women is a totally legit thing to do, but the women don’t think so. They get jealous if you’re giving your affections out. But that’s beside the point. If you’re going to have multiple women in your bedroom, then you’d better have their names down pat. Otherwise your secret will be blown.

Connect Her Name with Something

People remind us of other things all the time. When you think about your lover, see what she reminds you of. It could be a giraffe for her long legs. Or maybe a hot rod because of her sleek body. Whatever it is, associate her with an image and then you won’t b left high and dry when she texts you in the middle of the night and you aren’t sure who to expect at your door.

Stay Cautious of Pictures in Cell phones

“Remember her name”

You don’t want to have a ton of random women in your phone in case your main squeeze ever sees it. You can only say you have so many female friends before she gets suspicious (and that number is about two). Even though she could still read your contacts when she glances over, chances are that she won’t be able to make out an exact name since the font should be fairly small. The picture that’s attached to the message is what will give you away. So instead make your lover’s messaging picture the associated item (the giraffe or the hot rod). Then you can always say it’s just one of your friends on Facebook whose picture automatically load as that. You’ll still be able to remember who you’re talking to and you won’t get caught.

Keep a Little Black Book

“Note it down somewhere”

You’ve seen these in the movies. The suave main character has a little black book that has the names of all of the women who he’s slept with. You can keep one too, but you have to be very careful with it. Get a book that doesn’t look at all like the stereotypical little black version. Then write down the name of the woman and a defining feature about her. It could be her great legs or loud orgasms. Whatever it is, make it memorable so that you can attach that memory to her name.

In the Moment

If you’re scoring a woman in the heat of the moment you might not have time to use the memory techniques from above. In this case you’re going to want to say her name as many times as possible without sounding creepy when you talk to her. The more you say it, the more it will stick in your mind. And really listen when she says it the first time; don’t be afraid to ask her to say it again. If you start off shaky then it’s going to be harder to remember when you wake up next to her.


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