Sleeping with More than One Woman at a Time

Dating can be a really awesome thing if you don’t take it too seriously. People always assume that when you’re dating someone you’re committed to them through and through. But the fact of the matter is that dating is testing out a new product. You’re seeing if this new woman will meet your standards and see if you mesh well. So while you’re free to roam before actually being someone’s boyfriend, why not test out the waters? Now is your chance to swing freely and bone as many women as you can get away with. But the women themselves might not be the most down with you pollinating a whole field of flowers. Luckily, you can be a bit sly about it all.

Never Commit

“Stay away from making a commitment”

The reason you’re free to sleep with other women is because you’re not committed. But ass soon as you say or hint that you are, you’ll be held liable and will be cheating as soon as you dip in your fun stick. So when she brings up seeing each other’s parents or starts calling you her boyfriend you’ve got to side-step the accusation or let her know the deal. Never call her your girlfriend, never get jealous when she flirts with another guy and don’t bend your plans for her. Do let her know that the two of you are only dating, do keep your freedom intact, and do maintain your personal space. Instead of spending nights together and going on road trips limit your time to waking hours in your hometown. Avoiding the romantic, bonded feel will keep you on the dating level.

Destroy the Evidence

“Destroy the evidence”

What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. So all of those receipts from your dates with Lady #2 or #4 should be thrown out. Any selfies that you take with one of your women should be deleted as soon as possible so you don’t incriminate yourself. Essentially you’re secretly dating a number of women who shouldn’t find out about each other. It’s not that you’re wrong; it’s that women have a harder time processing the idea of just dating.

Remember Who’s Who

It happens to the best of us. Even under normal circumstances you’ll call someone by the wrong name (i.e. calling your teacher Mom), but then it’s just sort of funny and you laugh it off. When you’re in bed with a woman and you call her a different name there is no way around it; especially if they’re very different names. She’ll demand to know how you’re sleeping with and you’ll have to talk your way out of it or tell her the truth.

To keep everyone straight in your mind, connect an object with them and use that object as their contact picture in your phone. If Suzanne reminds you of a chipmunk, use a chipmunk. If Diane is more of a llama, then do the same. That way you’ll never be confused by which one is calling you and pickup with the wrong name.


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