Three Things to Do When You Forgot to Get Her a Gift

Every guy will forget a gift at one time or another. It’s a simple matter of where and when you’ll mess things up, and how good you are at getting them back on track. The next time you forget the gift here are three things that you can do to get yourself out of the doghouse and maybe save your relationship. Whether you didn’t know that she was the type to celebrate one month anniversaries or it just slipped your mind that you were supposed to these are the fixes for any type of sticky situation.

Blame Shipping

A tried and true method of getting her off your back is that you ordered something. This is the gift equivalent of “your check is in the mail!” If you have a little time before your date, actually order her something online and print the receipt as proof. If you don’t have it, just print off the receipt of something you have ordered online recently. Then use white out or a thick black pen to cross out what you ordered and how much it cost (unless the price is about how much you intend to spend on her). Then just say that it’s a surprise, but you have proof that you ordered her something.

If you don’t have time to lay any groundwork for the lie then just tell her that you’ve gotten her something secret, but you told them to send it right to her and you typo’d the address, so when it does get to you you’re going to give it right to her.

Tell Her You’ve Planned a Trip

"Take her to a ride for a change"

“Take her to a ride for a change”

If you have a little extra cash to splash around you can turn a missed gift from ultimate crisis to the best present she’s ever gotten. Tell her that you’ve planned out a trip for the two of you. Just pick a place you know she’d like to go, even if it’s just a bed and breakfast an hour from the city. Then say that you’ve planned some surprise activities, you just need to know when she can get out of the city for the weekend. This will go over well with a woman because it makes you seem very considerate. You didn’t even want to book the rooms without getting her schedule. However, this is the most expensive option out there, so be careful with it. Also, use it too often and she’ll start to expect it. This isn’t recommended for new relationships, either. Going away together is a big decision.

Pretend to Be Ill

"Divert her attention to your illness"

“Divert her attention to your illness”

This isn’t the dignified way to go, but if you absolutely have to fake an illness to get you out of the date before you have to reveal your gift for her. If you suffer from a medical condition she knows about, you can tell her that it’s flaring up. If not, it’s easy to fake a migraine. Just say ask her to lower her voice a few times (sensitivity to sound is a common symptom) and then tell her that you’re getting a really bad headache, and you have to get to bed before it gets any worse. This will bring the whole evening to a halt, but she can’t exactly accuse you of faking. Take the time at home to “recover” and buy her that gift you skipped out on.


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