Using Aphrodisiacs to Your Advantage

Getting laid is a priority in most men’s lives. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for most women. Guys need all the help they can get when it comes to having sex as often as they’d like. This is where food can be awesome. If you want to start hooking up with your dates, try giving them meals filled with foods that are aphrodisiacs. That way you can kick up her sex drive so it’s as high as yours. There’s nothing better than dinner and a show, right?

Cook the Meal Yourself

“Be a good Cook & get better sex”
Not every regular restaurant you go out to is going to serve meals filled with aphrodisiac food. And if you take her out to an upscale restaurant for that kind of meal, it’s going to cost you. Take the cheap, easy way out and cook the meal yourself. Obviously this is only going to be an option if you actually know how to cook. Making the food yourself also lets you set the scene for intimacy. Serving her aphrodisiac food with candles and music might get her in the mood even faster than you’d planned.

Know What Foods Work

Feeding her food that’s going to get her horny is only going to work if you know what foods to use. Do a little research to find out which aphrodisiacs are the most effective. Some, like asparagus, avocados, and chocolate, will be easy for you to find at any grocery store. Other aphrodisiac foods can be more difficult to find and more expensive.

Know Her Tastes

“Know her preferences and choices”
Your plan to feed her aphrodisiacs in hopes of getting laid is going to depend on her personal food preferences. If you prepare oysters and she hates seafood, it’s not going to set the mood that you want. Try to find out ahead of time what kind of food she prefers. If you’re still not sure what to feed her you can always fall back on the traditional: chocolate.

Use Aphrodisiac Food for Every Course

You don’t need to prepare a five course meal. Appetizer, meal, and dessert works just fine and you can easily use aphrodisiac foods in all three. For example, an avocado dip for a starter, asparagus as part of the main dish, and something with chocolate for dessert. Just make sure you’re making food that’s actually tasty and not creating gross things just for the sake of stuffing them full of aphrodisiacs.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Aphrodisiacs are supposed to increase the sex drive and enhance feelings of pleasure. This doesn’t mean that the moment she swallows some chocolate that she’s going to rip her clothes off and ask you to mount her. An aphrodisiac is not an instant sex switch. It’s going to increase your chances of getting laid but won’t make it a certainty. Creating an intimate setting to dine in will also help, and so will treating her well so that she feels like she’s beautiful and sexy. Don’t rely on food alone to get her in the mood. You’ll have to do some of the work yourself.


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