What Your Choice of Outfit Says about You

“Don’t wear tie while going for a date”

Appearances are everything when you want to make a good impression on a woman in a bar or club, or even if you want to date online and make a good impression on your dating profile. Unfortunately, this can be a bit difficult for guys who aren’t the greatest at fashion. You might have even convinced yourself that what you wear doesn’t really matter, but unfortunately, it does. Your outfit and what you choose to wear can really speak for you, and it’s not always a good thing. Knowing what your outfit might be telling women will help you make smarter fashion choices and impress more women on the dating scene.

You’re a Little Bit Lazy

If your clothes are a little wrinkled or sloppy, chances are that women are going to think you’re lazy. And they are probably right, if you can’t find the time to get your clothes ironed or folded properly. However, it isn’t always about wrinkles. Sometimes your choice of clothes can make you look lazy just based on how you put your outfit together. Try and pay at least a little bit of attention to top fashion magazines and blogs to see what kinds of things you shouldn’t be doing, even if it is just as simple as what colors go well together. Putting a little more effort into your clothes will score you more points than you might have thought possible.

You’re Smug and Overconfident

“New clothes will make you look confident”

Your choice of outfit can even tell a woman if you’re full of yourself. Wearing clothes that are expensive and showy might work for some guys, but on other guys it can just wind up making them look like douches. Wearing the right outfit is important, and you don’t want to look like you’re showing off. Women might tend to go for a more sharply dressed man, but if you act smug to go with it, they’ll see right through you and walk right past you, which is not the reaction you want. It can be difficult to know what will cause this reaction, but if you’re careful you can avoid it anyway. Tone it down a bit so you look less flamboyant and you should be fine.

You’re Clueless

Of course, some guys just suck at fashion. If you are a guy who doesn’t know much about fashion, your clothes might be telling women that you are just absolutely clueless. You don’t need to be a fashionista or an expert to know what works, so you need to take the extra time to figure out how basic fashion works. If you wind up wearing five different patterns and clashing colors, women are going to think you’re clueless about more than just fashion and it certainly isn’t going to get you anywhere with them, and certainly not their bedroom. If you need to, have a friend help you out when you go to choose your clothing, and you should wind up being more or less fine with a little bit of effort.


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