Why Overthinking Things Is Keeping You from Getting Laid

“Don’t think too much about her”

The dating and hookup scene can be an overwhelming and confusing place for anybody, and you may feel like you are over your head. This is normal, especially if you haven’t tried to hook up with women regularly before. You may find yourself stressed out and over thinking things, and while this is also a normal reaction, it is definitely something you want to avoid if you can. Overthinking things can lead to serious issues for you down the road and at the very least it will not be helpful when you want to hook up with women. Knowing why you should stop overthinking things will help you have a much more enjoyable time on the hookup scene.

It Makes You Visibly Nervous

“Be confident and don’t be nervous”

Overthinking things is an easy way to make yourself nervous. Worrying about every little thing that she says and does is not going to help you be calm at all, and you will probably wind up being very obviously nervous about the situation and conversation. Being visibly nervous will keep you from getting laid because women do not want to hook up with guys who aren’t certain about themselves. You need to be confident, and being nervous completely ruins that more often than not. Stop thinking so much and just let things happen, even if it seems difficult at first. It will become easier with time and practice, so let loose and have a little fun.

It Keeps You from Having Fun

Thinking too much about everything will definitely keep you from having fun, too. You might not think you are on the dating and hookup scene because you want to have fun, but the fact is that hooking up should be fun. It shouldn’t be a chore. If you spend all your time thinking about every little thing and analyzing everything, you are going to suck the fun right out of the process. Calm down and have fun, because otherwise your hookups are going to suck if you even manage to attract a woman enough to have one, which isn’t likely if you’re being a drag. Having a more positive attitude will make it easier for you to hook up anyway.

You Blow Things out of Proportion

Overthinking things can also make things seem much more important or serious or hurtful than they are. Rejections can really suck if you spend all your time thinking about how you have to hook up. Hooking up is not the most important thing in the universe and it is definitely not end of the world if you walk away from the night without a woman on your arm. Thinking too much about how you need to succeed will make things seem worse if you don’t succeed at all, so you need to try and take things easy so you wind up worrying less about the entire situation. Women will definitely be able to notice the difference and you will wind up being more successful when you calm down.


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