Why She Still Won’t Sleep with You

You’ve been working on this lady for months and have gotten nowhere. It’s not like the whole goal is to get in bed with her, but it would be nice. She kisses you and there’s major flirting, but for some reason she just isn’t down to get down. Even though it’s making you crazy, the solution is actually fairly simple, so is the reason. You just have to know what to look for and how to solve it. All women are different, but they want pretty much the same things, like:


You might be trying your best to impress her, but sometimes it’s not the moves that will do the trick. Women want a man who will protect them and provide for them. It doesn’t matter if they’re super independent or just started thinking of you as a boyfriend, you’ve got ot be that for them. When you don’t show confidence, you’re not showing her that you can step up and be the man she need. You don’t have to jockey for the biggest man on campus, but being comfortable with yourself, laughing easily, and committing to everything that you do will show her that you’re the type of guy she can rely on. That’s going to be what makes her want to go all the way with you.

Not to Be Frowned Upon

“No matter what you say, she’ll not agree”

Way more often than not, women are afraid that you’re going to think that they’re sluts if they put out. Because of the stigma that men can sleep around and be cool but women are sluts if they do, it becomes a serious issue for a lot of ladies. She might think that if she holds off for a while you’re going to like her more and realize that she’s not like the other women. There’s not a lot you can do here, except reassure her that you think she’s very classy. If you come out and yell that you don’t think she’s a slut and needs to just get it on already that will entirely defeat the point.

To Be Appreciated

She may have been burned by a guy in the past that didn’t treat her right or had sec with her early on. It might not be your fault, but you have to deal with the consequences. She’ll want to be appreciated and cared for, not lusted after like some sex object. So take care of her and wait patiently. It’s not you, it’s the douche bag that came before you.

To Know You’re Worth It

“She’ll not sleep with you just because she’s a nice girl”

Any guy can hit it and quit it. If she’s been seeing you this long and still flirts with you then you know that she likes you. But now she wants to know that you’re worth it. Are you going to stick around? Do you just want into her pants? We as guys don’t have to think about these sorts of things because we view sex differently than women. But to her, it’s going to mean the difference between dating a guy and making him hers.


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