You’ll Do Better Next Time: Getting it Right Later When the First Time Having Sex Sucked

“What she might be thinking about me?”

It’s always a huge confidence killer when you’re getting it on with a woman and things just aren’t working. You keep hitting heads and she’s just laying there trying to look like she’s enjoying herself. The lack of emotion and passion makes you feel like you should just stop, but you don’t want to make things any more awkward than they already are. You let out a lackluster jizz shot and pack up your things. As you’re on the way home you think about how much it sucked and you know that she’s just going to lose your number as quickly as she can. But lo and behold, you must have made someone up there happy because she gives you a call a few days later and asks you if you want to go out again. Now you’ve got a shot at making up for the first time.

What Went Wrong?

A lot of the time the first time sucks because there’s some awkwardness or not both parties are ready for it. Don’t feel pressured to get right into the bedroom when you’re with her. Take the cue from your chemistry. Unless things are going really well you should never start the transition to the bedroom. The first steps should be natural. Light kissing, some groping, and a sudden make out session on the couch are all precursors to bedroom action. Don’t feel less manly if all you do at first is grope at each other like teenagers on the couch. You’ll end up having better sex later on because of it.

Take Your Time

“Think what went wrong and don’t repeat it next time”

A key factor to amazing sex is getting her totally ready. The next time you get to go downtown, take the scenic route. Take your time kissing her body and finding out all of the things that she likes. When you give her oral, pay attention to her body language and moaning. They’ll tell you when she’s ready to actually have sex. Don’t start a moment before that. If she’s ready to go you’re guaranteed to have good sex. None of this should be a race. Since you’re dating her, or at the very least sleeping with her, you presumably like her as a person. So treat her right and talk, kiss, and feel your way around before you get to the main act.

Keep It to Yourself

It might feel really tempting to ask her what she thought went wrong the last time that you were together. But all that will do make things even worst. She may not have thought it was that bad, and that’s why you were graced with a second chance. Telling her you thought it was horrible will obviously not get you laid for a third time. So keep questions to yourself, and instead of asking for the answers to the quiz that is your first time together, really study up and get it right. Learning about her body instead of asking what she likes will make a stronger bond and a better time in bed together.


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