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It needs a complete layout makeover, badly, before it can start attracting any new users. As it stands, there are barely any women here among all the scambots. is one site that needs to learn how to bring in ladies. They don’t even make an effort, and if they just changed their layout up a bit, that’d honestly be enough.

But they don’t care, is the thing.

This site just doesn’t care about that, though. They want ladies to join, but only in the numbers sense. They want to make sure that they get more money and have better sales.

Casual Dating Scam Alert IMG

When your dating site is like that, there’s really no hope for tomorrow. During our CasualKiss review, we figured this out very quickly, and wanted to bang our heads into the wall.

This whole site is frustrating in general, and that’s just the start of it. It needs a serious makeover that it’s probably not going to get, because god, they just don’t care.

We hate that.

The thing about this site not caring is that it’s leaving itself open to a ton of different CasualKiss scams. When that happens and they take over, no one’s going to be on this site.

CasualKiss image overlay

That is, of course, assuming there’s any real activity right now, which there really isn’t. It’s a frustrating thing to realize that this site is so covered in scam bots already.

We mostly wanted to be done with this site before we even started. Wasting our time is really not our thing, but sadly, that’s all this site is going to end up doing for you.

The Review of Unfortunate Events

We ended up spending a total of five months on our CasualDating review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 240 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t CasualDate scams.

It wasn’t good.

From those 240 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a grand total of 55 responses. This was really well below our 50% turnover, and we weren’t happy about it.

From those 55 responses, only 4 ladies wanted to meet us, and ultimately, only one of them showed up. We didn’t get a single hookup the whole time that we were here.

These results were really proof of how bad this site was, and we wanted to just shake our heads. We hate being right about a site, but that’s honestly all we were here.

Scams Are A Reality

There’s just nothing about this site that screams success to us, and that’s pretty much the most obnoxious thing ever. We really don’t like being scammed out of our money.

That’s all they’ll do.

If you don’t want to get scammed, don’t use this site. Most of the site is flooded with scam bots, which makes for a really unsafe experience when it comes to dating.

Your dating experience shouldn’t have any of that. You should, instead, feel comfortable enough to relax on a site and have a good time without dealing with that.

This site just doesn’t give you that opportunity, and it’s really our least favorite thing. You should never have to be looking over your shoulder like that on a dating site.

An Aggravating News Report or Two

Satin lingerie can really amp up your love life, and this article can show you why even though it won’t help on sites like

Knowing what kind of lingerie to buy her is important, and this article helps you out when sites like Doesn’t Work

We absolutely hated This site isn’t any good at all, and mostly, we wanted to toss ourselves off a cliff after using it for too long. It’s just incredibly frustrating.

There are much better options.

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing sites, and we could tell from a glance that this one was just no good. We hate it when that happens, but they just don’t care about you.

This is why you need to spend your time on a much better site. Our number one site is, and it really does work, which is why you should check it out.

We’ve only ever had great experiences there. If you check it out, you’ll see what we mean, and you’ll really end up with some incredible results. Give it a shot, and see how much better it is.

No matter what you decide, you’ll end up on a better site than this one. Stick to our top five, and you’ll really end up having the kind of experience that you need and deserve.

20 Responses to “ Doesn’t Work, and The Reasons Why”

  1. Prophet Dancing

    I guess a review of is in order but sadly it isn’t a good one. I wasn’t impressed tbh.

  2. I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve used that are so much better than this one. I would recommend one of those.

  3. The Old Electron

    This site tried to scam me out of money and that’s why I’m not using it any longer after this.

  4. I have really high hopes for and I really hope it’s legit enough to keep using after signing up.

  5. Marquis Lear

    Did anyone actually think site is good? Look at the homepage, how was anyone seriously fooled by this damn site?

  6. Brutal Wombat

    I signed up to test out so I could write a review for my blog and I wish I hadn’t.

  7. Giving this site a low rating is what I consider my duty. I want to warn people against this site.

  8. Sweet Canary

    This is the worst site I’ve used in 2014 so far. I have to leave a bad review because it just sucks.

  9. I’m just here to look at and a bunch of different dating sites to write reviews for my blog.

  10. Trent Catlay

    Sites like this are the reason guys don’t trust online hookup sites at all. This gives them a bad name.

  11. Sleepy Genius

    All that gets from me is a disappointed review. I didn’t enjoy my time on here, to be honest.

  12. imo this site sucks pretty bad in comparison to a few of the others I’ve used before. I wasn’t impressed.

  13. Tapir Barbaric

    I don’t think this site is a scam. It’s so poorly designed and scams take care to actually look good.

  14. I can’t tell if is legit and I really need to know. There’s a free trial, should I sign up?

  15. Earnest Eggbert

    Good grief am I glad to be away from this site. I was starting to think I’d never get my profile deleted.

  16. Los Student

    If you test out and like it, let me tell you that there are much better sites that will blow your mind.

  17. Rating this site lowly is all I can do when it comes to doin my duty to help out my fellow guys.

  18. Moose Streaming

    It’s 2014 and this site looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 90s. It gets a bad review for that.

  19. Is a good site? I’ve been looking for a new dating site since the last one I used went under.

  20. Filiberto Millard

    If you ask me, sites like this all need to be shut down before they scam more poor innocent people.


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