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The atmosphere on this site simply can't be beat. The ladies here are eager to see you, and are more than willing to chat you up first. That got us 15 dates and 10 hot nights. is one site that we were actually surprised to love as much as we do. It’s an incredible site, and that’s because of the thriving community that’s taken it over.

We loved that.

You really can’t have a great dating site without a great community, and this one proves it. During our EstablishedMen review, we were thrilled to see as many active ladies.

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The thing about the ladies on this site, however, is that they’ll chase after you. You have to fit the model of what they want, of course, but they’ll still chase you either way.

These women want a man that’s going to take care of them. No, that’s not an EstablishedMen scam, but it’s definitely something you’ll have to get used to on this site.

We liked it, personally.

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This site has an awesome atmosphere and ladies who know what they want. You’ll get what you need at EstablishedMen

Once you get used to that sort of environment, it actually makes it a lot easier to really get what you want. These ladies are after a certain kind of entertainment, and that’s fine.

If you can swing that, then you’ll be good to go on this site. You won’t have to worry about EstablishedMen scams, either, and that’s something that really stood out to us.

We loved this site because of all of these reasons–and one hell of a lot more, actually. It’s hard not to get addicted to a site that’s run as well as this one is, trust us.

We Spent 5 Months Testing This Site

We spent a total of five months on our EstablishedMen review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 240 e-mails to women that we found on this particular site.

It was incredible.

From those 240 e-mails, we ended up with a grand total of 169 responses. This was well above our 50% minimum return of e-mails, and so we were immediately thrilled.

From those 169 responses, we ended up with a total of 19 dates arranged, and a total of 15 women actually showed up. 10 of those women we actually hooked up with, even!

These results were beyond our expectations, and really made us realize how good this site was. We were thrilled to keep using it, and would come back again any time.

Messages That Got Results

Email 1: “Hi there, Maggie. I couldn’t help but notice your gorgeous smile, and that’s what immediately made me want to click on your profile and learn more about you.

From there, I saw that you were really big into costume design. Some of the dresses you’ve posted so far are amazing, and I’d love to see more pictures if you have them.”

Email 2: “Hi, Kimberly. Your eyes are beautiful, and I have to admit, that’s what made me really want to click on your profile and know more about you. From there, I couldn’t stop.

Your love of animals is really awe-inspiring. I’ve always wanted to rescue and foster dogs, but I’ve never had the time. What are the names of your current pets?”

Some Fantastic Features

There are a lot of amazing aspects to this site, and it’s honestly hard to pick just a few to start talking about here. What we really loved, however, was how forward the ladies were.

You don’t see that everywhere.

The main thing about this site is that you have to remember these women really want to chase you. They want to be after a man that’s a real and serious catch for them.

That means that they’re going to chase you more than you’d ever imagine they would. You don’t see a lot of that on other sites, that’s for sure, but you’ll see it on here.

These ladies are blunt and they’re forward. They also really know what they want, which is a huge plus as far as we’re concerned. We couldn’t get enough of it.

These ladies are very varied, too.

The other thing about the women on this site is that they’re not just cookie cutter. You’ve got an amazing array of different ages, races, and professions on this site in general.

This means that you’ll honestly have your pick of it. You’ll be able to really be able to find someone that suits what you’re looking for in a hookup, and that means a lot of fun.

With that in mind, you’re never going to be bored. If you’ve ever wondered about what it’s like to be with a certain kind of lady, you can find out on this particular site.

The Secret to Making it Work

On this site, you do have to play something of a game to really make it work for you. It’s not just a matter of signing up and waiting for the ladies to flock to you in general.

You need to act a bit.

These women are really looking for a certain kind of man, and that kind of man is wealthy and very established. Thus, the name of the site, if we might take a moment to point that out.

These ladies really want someone that’s going to wine and dine them. The more you come off as someone capable of doing that, the more likely you’re going to score.

If you can act the part, then you’re going to have great luck here. It might take some practice, but it’s all a matter of getting your story straight and sticking to it on this site.

Don’t lie too much.

Little white lies are okay on this site, but you can’t go overboard. The moment that you do that is the moment that you’re going to start hitting a wall and getting caught for it.

These women aren’t stupid. They might want to be treated like princesses, but that doesn’t mean they’re vapid. If you go too far about your lies about your wealth, they’re going to know.

Keep it in check, and you’ll be good to go. These ladies will really appreciate it, and you’ll definitely be able to score if you’ve got a good story in place that hits their buttons.

It Could Be Better in Places

Not everything can be perfect, but that’s okay. The things we found on this site really weren’t that big of a concern, and that means that you’re not going to find too much wrong with it, either.

Mostly, there are just a few scams.

The main issue that we found with this site is that there were a few scammers present, most prevalently being escorts. These are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

Escorts, especially on this site, have very polished profile pictures–usually far too polished. We’re talking professional lighting and sets, and that’s just not normal on dating sites.

These ladies don’t want to date you, and that’s something you need to remember. They just want your money, and they aren’t going to really go out with you.

Avoid them.

If you avoid these kinds of ladies and just stick to the real ones, you’re going to be a lot better off. Fortunately, it’s easy to do on a site like this, trust us on that fact.

If you just don’t click the links in their profiles, you’ll be golden. That’s how they start to reel you in, and send you spam mails in the process, which can get really annoying.

If you can avoid these scams, though, you really won’t have any other issues on this site. It’s otherwise very clean, and even these scams are easy to get rid of by reporting them.

News Online About This Site

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The Final Verdict on, and Why It Rocks Our World

We absolutely loved, and that’s why it’s our number two site overall. It really does work.

Definitely check it out.

The right site is going to make the world of difference for you. Check out this one, and you’ll be able to immediately see what we mean.

30 Responses to “ is Our #2 For Casual Dating”

  1. I’m here to leave a good review for in the hopes that more people will use it. Well, at least more women. The site has enough men and I want more women on here.

  2. If you think there are sites that are better in comparison to this one then you’re probably wrong. This is the best of its kind that I’ve seen and I’m not accepting any debate there.

  3. Mandrill Golden

    If you still think all dating and hookup sites are a scam then you are way too paranoid and you’re probably missing out. This site and a few othes like it are actually pretty good.

  4. had better be legit or I’m going to be mad. I’m hoping it will be because I’m a little tired of spending my nights alone. I need something and someone new in my life now.

  5. Jeffrey Chauvin

    If there’s anything that isn’t good about this site, I didn’t run into it. The women are oht and this is the most user-friendly, easy to use site like it that I’ve ever used imo.

  6. Walker One Legged Scully

    I can’t believe I waited so long to sign up to test out I didn’t know what I was missing out on. Hot women and hundreds of possible hookups, that’s what I was missing.

  7. Giving this site a high rating seems like the only logical thing to do. I don’t understand how anyone could use this site and not like how it works or what it does for them.

  8. Dreaded Foxy Skunk

    I thought I left a review here at the beginning of 2014 but it looks like I didn’t. This site is pretty damn good, especially when compared to some of those other fake sites out there.

  9. I guess is the new hot dating site? I don’t keep up on these things. I guess I’ll have to go and make myself a profile so I can see what women there are on there.

  10. Dominique Archibald

    Sites like this deserve more recognition that they get. Too often everyone dismisses them as scams and if you ask me, not all of them are like that. You can’t argue with my personal results.

  11. Rapid Stoned Reindeer

    A review of is in order and for once in my experience of using these types of sites, it’s a good one. It’s user-friendly and you can’t argue with the results I see from others.

  12. Other sites pale in comparison to this one and that’s just a fact of life. No other site can really match up in any way. I was completely impressed with how many messages I got.

  13. Scam sites are the worst, so that’s why I’m really glad this one wasn’t one of them. I didn’t see a single fake profile and I actuallly thought the site seemed really good in comparison.

  14. I can’t help but wonder just how legit is because I haven’t heard much about it. I’m always wary of those sites that you don’t hear that much about. Doesn’t that say something about them

  15. Nolan Laurenzi

    This site is so good. I didn’t think I’d find one that actually worked for me but I have no complaints with this one, not in the slightest. It’s easy to use and the women are hot.

  16. Wolverine Flying

    If you haven’t signed up to test out yet, you need to. I know a lot of guys like me that are bad about propositioning women for hookups IRL and this site is great.

  17. Couldn’t help but give this site a pretty high rating, and that means a lot coming from me because I am NOT an easily impressed type of guy. It takes a lot to WOW me.

  18. Yodelers Dreaded

    I’m thinking a review is in order for the best site I’ve used in 2014 so far. Sure, the others I’ve used have been really bad, but that doesn’t mean this one is less good.

  19. You know, yeah, I HAVE used before. I used it a long time ago to meet the woman I’m still dating. I don’t know how much of my succes is bc of this tho.

  20. Orville Hirleman

    I thought sites like this were a big lie and then I finally joined one and I had a sex date that night. I don’t know why it took so damn long for me to open my eyes.

  21. I don’t normally write revews for these types of sites, but made me want to change that. I wanted any guys in the same position as me who looked to know this is a good site.

  22. In comparison to others, this site is really a cut above the rest. Trust me, I’ve used a lot of sites so I have a pretty wide base of knowledge on these types of things.

  23. Dangerous Leather

    It’s not a scam, I can tell you that much. There are some issues with the site but they’re not so glaring that I’d stop using the site. I’m not nearly that picky. That would be ridiuclous.

  24. To tell you the truth, I used for a while and I think it’s a legit know, not a scam or anything. I don?t remember much about anything else about it though tbh.

  25. Teddy Moonshower

    imo I don’t think there’s anything as good as a hookup site that actually works. Tbh it’s easier to find women on here than it is to find them in bars or clubs or whatever.

  26. Test out as soon as you can if you’re the kind of guy who might have trouble talking to women in person. This site will make everything better for you, trust me on that.

  27. I couldn’t give this site a low rating if you tried to make me. There’s no way I could lie…this site is amazing in every sense of the word. Hot women and an easy to use site?

  28. Running Burst

    It’s 2014, you would think there would be more good reviews for this site sinc eit’s been around for a while. It’s a pretty good site, too, if you ask me. I liked it at least.

  29. is one of the few dating sites I don’t think I’ve used yet and I’m creating my profile now, so we’ll see how it adds up against other sites. I have lots of experience.

  30. Demetrius Gilman

    I have a few friends who aren’t having the most fulfilling relationships and sex lives and I keep recommending sites like this, this one especially because imo it’s the best when you compare it to others.


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