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The site's awful layout made even sending a single message a struggle, let alone navigating and searching. You probably won't even have time for that, with all the spam you'll be getting. is one site that we just had to drink in order to use. It’s awful down to the core, and the more that we tried to navigate it, the more likely we were to get angry.

They just don’t care.

The thing about this site is that you have to understand how piss-poor it is. The layout makes it almost unusable, and the more you dig around on it, the more scams you’ll find.

Casual Dating Scam Alert IMG

This really was obvious during our Flirtbox review, and the more that we poked around it, the worse that it became. All inactive profiles were just Flirtbox scams.

This kind of environment is the absolute worst for online dating, and it really made for a crappy situation. Our review just really didn’t feel safe at all, and we hated that.

It doesn’t get better.

Some sites like to improve as time goes on, but this one just seemed to get worse. The longer we were here, the more scam mails and spam mails we ended up with.

This site is just nasty and unsafe to use, and we really found ourselves stressed out every single time we logged on. Protecting your information on here is easier said than done.

overlay Flirtbox screen

Obviously, that’s the last thing that you want to deal with when using an online dating site. We hated that, and that’s why we’ll absolutely never be back to this one.

The Review Results

We ended up spending a total of five months on our Flirtbox review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 240 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t Flirtbox scams.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 240 e-mails, we didn’t end up with a single response. We weren’t surprised, but we were still amazed that a site could honestly be as crappy as this one.

Obviously, we didn’t get laid while using this site. That should have been a given, but god, it was just shocking. This whole site was empty and dead, and it was really deplorable.

We can’t imagine anyone really trying to use this site. It’s just awful, and even sending out those messages was something of a chore. This whole site doesn’t make sense.

The Scams Are Abundant

This site is just a waste of your time and energy on every single level, especially because it’s pretty stressful to use. There’s really nothing about this site that’s safe.

That’s the worst.

Trying to use a dating site that isn’t secure or safe at all is the bane of our existence. There are a lot of them out there, but this one honestly takes the cake for us.

It’s just really not good. The admins don’t care at all, and they probably aren’t even around anymore. That means that your chances of getting scammed are pretty high.

That just makes it a really unfortunate site that no one should ever use. Instead, it should definitely just be taken down, and everyone will end up a lot happier overall.

The News Scoop

If you ever want to throw a sex toy party, this article can help you when sites like won’t:

It’s important to know what to do with your broken sex toys, so check out this article and avoid sites like Good or Not?

We really didn’t like, and that’s because this site is honestly one of the worst we’ve ever been on. It’s not good at all, and that’s because it’s just really full of scams.

It’s not safe.

If you can’t be sure of how secure you are on a dating site, there’s no reason you should be using it. That’s definitely the case with this one, and that’s definitely why we wanted to leave.

You shouldn’t have to worry about protecting your identity. A site should do that for you, but instead, this one just likes to hand out your information and steal your money.

Because of that, we know you deserve better. This site is utter trash, and there’s no reason to try and force yourself to keep using it when there are better options out there.

We know them.

Check out, our number one site. You’ll really end up seeing great results there, as it’s our number one and it always gives us what we want. Check it out, and you’ll see what we mean!

20 Responses to “ and Why It Sucks”

  1. Don’t even take the time to review It’s not worth it and you’ll just regret it in the end.

  2. God damn is this site bad in comparison to the others. I wouldn’t join this site if you paid me.

  3. This site is a scam! I was on here a few months ago and all I did was lose money!

  4. If you’re not sure whether or not is legit, read some reviews. That’s what I’ve been doing for research.

  5. Chung Northey

    I wanted this site to be good. I tried to like it. All I got for my trouble was misery!

  6. If you want to test out, be my guest. I’ll just let you know now that the site doesn’t work.

  7. I plan on giving this site a terrible rating everywhere I go, I just figured I’d let you all know.

  8. Chaos Buffalo

    I’m so confused. I looked at EVERY review for this site in 2014, but they all said this was a good site!

  9. I’m guessing is the new popular dating site? What’s it like? Should I join? Are there really hot women?

  10. So, why exactly do sites like this still exist? People need to wise up and stop joining them right now.

  11. Silver Temporary Peasant

    I want to review another site so I never have to look at again in my life. It sucks.

  12. Could this site get any worse?? In comparison to the sites I’m on, this is just a laugh. It’s sad.

  13. Fast Lone Eaglet

    So, does anyone else think that this site is a scam? I feel like it but I need some proof.

  14. is kind of a weird name but I’m hoping the site is still legit. I’ll be upset if it isn’t.

  15. Darrin Driggers

    There’s nothing good to say about this site, so just stay off it and I promise you’ll be much happier.

  16. Chimpanzee Flaming

    I wouldn’t test out if you PAID me to do it. I heard the site gives you viruses, anyway.

  17. Rating this site is so easy because I’m just going to give it the lowest score possible in every category.

  18. All the review sites from before 2014 have it right. This site is a scam and shouldn’t exist at all.

  19. I don’t have much to say about It’s a dating site like any other. What more is there to say?

  20. Lorenzo Kline

    Sites like this need to go die. I hope whoever runs this site reads these. Fix the problems on here.


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