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Forget this site, really. They try to cover up their pathetic membership numbers with fake profiles, and when they lie to you from the start, why bother with a site? is a joke at best, and that’s because the moment that we logged into the site, we saw scams and fakes everywhere. It was going to be a disaster from the start.

We couldn’t stand it.

When you first join a site, the last thing you want to see is a ton of fakes right off the bat. Sadly, that’s our first impression that stuck with us on our ForgetDinner review.

Casual Dating Scam Alert IMG

It’s maddening to think that anyone would try to use this site successfully. It’s just one big hot mess after another, and that’s because it’s just full of fakes from top to bottom.

These ForgetDinner scams are particularly obnoxious because we’re fairly certain they were put their on purpose. If that doesn’t tick you off, then it really should.

It’s to boost their numbers.

The owners of this site clearly realize that they’re doing something wrong, but god forbid if they actually try to change the site for the better and make it something people want to use.

overlay image ForgetDinner

Instead, the put up a lot of fake profiles to make it look more active when it really isn’t. If they’re lying about that, then you have to wonder what else they’re lying about.

It’s just one big hot mess after another, and we really had a headache by the time we were done with this site. There’s nothing good about it, and that’s a fact we quickly realized.

Our Report Made Us Sad

We ended up spending a total of five months on our ForgetDinner review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 240 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t ForgetDinner scams.

It was pathetic.

From those 240 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 23 responses total. This was absolutely ridiculous, and we wanted to jump ship right as soon as we realized that.

From those 23 responses, only a single woman wanted to meet up with us, but she never even showed up. The whole thing was a wash, and a total waste of our time.

We weren’t surprised about this, but it was seriously just bad. People that legitimately think this site will work for them are really in for a rude awakening, that’s for sure.

There Are Scams Everywhere Here

Any and all attempts to really use this site are pointless. it’s mostly full up on fakes, and that means that your chances to really meet women are just going nowhere.

It’s one big waste of time.

It’s frustrating to anyone to get onto a site that really just doesn’t work, we’re sure. That being said, this site is frustrating in spades, because it really does try to convince you that it’s awesome.

It’s not. It’s lying to you with a ton of fake profiles, and they aren’t even good fakes. They’re all stolen pictures with information that isn’t even filled out at all in the profile.

With that being said, this site is obviously not worth anyone’s time. It needs to be taken down off the internet if nothing else, because it’s certainly not doing you any favors.

Some Sad News Gathered

Knowing how to help out your lady’s sex drive is important, though it’s not going to change much on sites like

Knowing what the worst turn-offs are can help your woman out a lot, so point her to this article when you’re done being scammed by Isn’t Worth a Try

We really couldn’t stand, and that’s why we’ll never be recommending this site. It’s not good at all, and it’s just one big time waste after another.

You can do better.

This site is just full up on fakes. They really don’t care if you get laid on here, and they just want to make it look like their site is good so you’ll join and spend more money on it.

A lot of men have fallen for that trap, but there’s no need for you to do so. There are plenty of sites out there that aren’t just going to scam you out of everything so you can try and date.

With this site being a bust, you need a site that’s reliable and actually enjoyable. Trust us when we say that this site isn’t it, but good sites like that really do exist out there.

Check out our number one site. is the best of the best, and it’s proven itself to be amazing. Our numbers don’t lie, and that’s why we really love it. If you check it out, you’ll see a huge difference.

Don’t miss it. You’ll really regret it if you do!

20 Responses to “ and Why It Just Doesn’t Perform”

  1. Captain John Sangre couldn’t get a worse reaction from me if it tried. I can’t leave a good review at all tbh.

  2. If you make a comparison betweent this site and others and don’t mention the bad messaging system, wtf is wrong with you?

  3. Venom Gold

    I’m pretty sure this site is here to scam me out of money and nothing pisses me off more than that.

  4. Who can tell me about Is it legit? What’s it like in general? I really need to know asap.

  5. Bryan Jolce

    If there’s anything good on this site, I must have missed it. Honestly I don’t think there is anything good.

  6. Rough Rare Reptile

    If you test out and like it, go right ahead. Keep using it. Wait until it scams you out of money.

  7. Rating this site is easy. I have to give it the lowest one possible. 0 is too high for it.

  8. Lightning Kangaroo

    I don’t think 2014 is going to be a very good year in review if this year so far is an indication.

  9. I guess seems like an okay dating site at first glance but who knows, appearances can sometimes be deceiving.

  10. Joan Tennant

    Sites like this are the worst thing to happen to the internet. You think they would help but they don’t.

  11. Orange Jackal

    Who would leave a good review for This site doesn’t deserve anything like that and I won’t provide it.

  12. This site is shitty in comparison to not only others I’ve used but others I’ve just seen around teh inernet.

  13. Detective Freaky

    I’m not sure if this is a scam. It might be, but I’m not sure. I’m just sure I don’t like it.

  14. I didn’t think I’d ever be trying out a dating site but I’m strongly considering joining to have fun.

  15. Hershel Osterweiss

    I don’t know if this site is any good bc I wouldn’t use it. I get nervous with these types of sites.

  16. Opossum Red

    I’m not sure who would want to test out seeing as it looks like the worst hookup site ever.

  17. If you think this site deserves a high rating then damn, you must be pretty easily impressed. With these things.

  18. Aberrant Electron

    2014 should be a year I can look back on in review and think it’s good. This site won’t help with that.

  19. I think seems like an okay dating site but idk, I haven’t actually signed up for it just yet.

  20. Blaine Orner

    I used to think sites like this one were good but lately I hate them and this is one of the worst.


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