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You'll have an absolute blast on this site. It's always active and has a ton variety, and there's not a single scam in sight. That great atmosphere got us 16 dates and 12 hookups.

Sites like FuckBookNet.net don’t come along all that often, and that’s why we were thrilled. This is one site that just really hits the spot, and we loved that a whole lot.

It was a blast.

The thing about this site is that it’s honestly just fun. During our FuckBookNet review, we had a blast seeing all the variety on this site, and that means a lot of women.

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On this site, it’s hard not to find someone that really suits your needs and interests. The ladies on here are vibrant and exciting, and there’s always someone around.

That kind of activity is really what you need when it comes to having a good time on a dating site. We had that kind of fun in spades here on FuckBookNet.net, and it made us want to come back for more.

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Our #1 just has the numbers that speak for themselves. You’ll find all the casual dates you want and more at FuckBookNet

It’s also safe.

The other thing about this site is that there are very few FuckBookNet scams running around. That means you can have a fun, casual dating experience without stressing out.

Trust us, that means a lot. You really want to be able to relax and have fun, and if you can do that on a great site, why not? That’s one of the main reasons this site works so well.

Because it’s so safe, you can really just relax and have fun, and enjoy it to the fullest. We hope that we get to come back to it soon, because that really hit the spot.

We Tested FuckBookNet.net For 5 Months. Was It Time Well Spent?

We ended up spending a total of five months on our FuckBookNet review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 240 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It was worth it.

From those 240 e-mails, we ended up receiving a grand total of 181 responses total. This was incredible, and well beyond our expectations of a 50% return of e-mails.

From those 181 responses, we ended up having 22 dates arranged. Ultimately, 16 dates showed up, and we ended up hooking up with 12 of those ladies, which was amazing.

Overall, it was obviously incredible. These women were really into us, and we loved the dates that we had. This site was definitely one hell of a find for everyone involved!

The Top Two Messages That Got Us Results

Email 1: “Hi, Candace. I was drawn into your profile courtesy of your gorgeous smile, and I just couldn’t stop reading from there. You’re a really interesting girl for sure.

I saw that you were into surfing, and I was really floored. I never expected to find a girl like you that was as into it as I am on these sites. If you ever want to hit the waves together, let me know.”

Email 2: “Hi, Melissa. I saw that you were really into cars, and the more that I read your profile, the more I couldn’t stop. You’re really amazing, that’s something I immediately realized.

What kind of cars are you into? I restore a lot of older models myself, and if you’re interested, we can share some pictures and really compare the ones we’ve seen.”

Awesome Site Features

There’s a lot to love about this site, but the more we narrowed it down, the happier we were. There’s just so much going on that it’s hard to even pick one thing.

It’s very active.

You really can’t have a good dating site without a lot of activity, and this site has that in spades. It has all of that without a ton of FuckBookNet scams, too, and that’s a relief.

When you have a really active site, then you have every opportunity in the world to get exactly what you want. We realized this sooner rather than later when using it.

The thing is, it’s a lot of ladies joining this site, too. While other sites might boast a ton of activity, they just don’t have the same amount of women joining up as this one.

It’s also very safe.

We mentioned this before, but it’s incredibly safe to use this site. You can really get around on it without being constantly paranoid about scammers, and that’s a huge plus.

We really found ourselves being able to relax here, and that’s something that we really came to appreciate. You just can’t do that on a ton of dating sites out there today.

On this site, you can feel at home and really find what you’re looking for. What more can you ask for when it comes to a really good, fun dating site like this one online?

If You Want to Beat the Sweaty Crowds On This Site, Here’s Our Secret…

Getting the advantage on this site is pretty easy, when it’s all said and done. It’s all a matter of making sure that your good qualities shine through and of course, that starts with your profile.

Don’t skip the details.

On this site, it’s all a matter of being able to talk about yourself like you’re a real catch. It doesn’t matter if you are or not; fake it until you make it, and you’ll be golden.

These ladies want you to be confident and fun-loving. If you come across that way in your profiles, then it’s going to get you a lot more action than you’d ever believe.

The more you can talk about your fun hobbies and the things that you like to do, the better. They want to hear about this sort of thing, and it’s going to keep them coming back.

Don’t get too lewd

In general, you really don’t want to come off as creepy. If you talk about sex way too much, then you’re going to give the wrong impression, and that’s really not what’s going to get you laid.

These women don’t want to hear about everything that you want to do to them right off the bat. Leave some of it for later conversations for when you’re more comfortable.

If you can censor yourself appropriately, then you’ll be fine. We’re sure of that, so just relax and roll with things naturally. That will make you come off as a much nicer kind of man.

A Few Things This Site Could Step Up

There are a few things wrong with every single site, and that’s just a fact of life. That being said, the issues with this one really do seem to be few and far between.

Thank god for that.

The main issues that we saw on this site is that, well, it’s really competitive. That may or may not be your cup of tea, so that means that it’s up to you to make the best of it.

If it’s your cup of tea, great. Jump right in, and compete with the masses. You’ll honestly be fine either way, though, and that’s something that a lot of men just don’t realize.

You can really, easily stand out of the crowd even if it’s a busier site. You just have to be confident, so don’t hesitate to make a name for yourself on this site or others.

Also, it can run a bit slow.

Because the site is so active, you might find yourself seeing it bog down and be slower at times. That’s normal, and don’t worry, it really won’t last for long on this site.

Most of the time, this site runs just fine, and there’s really no reason for you to worry about it. You’ll be able to really get what you want out of it all the same, trust us.

You also won’t see many others discouraged by it. The site still runs just fine on its own, and no one really seems to hesitate when the site is running a bit slower than usual.

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FuckBookNet.net Review: What’s Our Stance on FuckBookNet.net for Casual Dating?

We absolutely loved FuckBookNet.net. It’s our number one site without a doubt, and the numbers really don’t lie about that. It’s just the best that we’ve ever tried online.

Give it a shot.

If you give this site a shot, you’ll really end up seeing some results. This site really does work, and that’s why we keep coming back to it again and again. Trust us on that.

It’s one of the best sites out there, and definitely our number one. The more you try it, the more likely you are to really love it.

30 Responses to “FuckBookNet.net Review – Ranked #1 For Casual Dating, and It Shows”

  1. I knew I had to come and leave a review for FuckBookNet.net. It’s easily the best site of its kind that I’ve used in years, if not forever and trust me, that’s really saying something.

  2. In comparison to sites I’ve used in the past this one is something really special. I’ve had so many connections and sex dates since I joined and honestly, even I was shocked by the results.

  3. Liquid Mountain

    I used to think all dating and hookup sites were one big scam but after using this site I’ve realized that isn’t true for this one, at least. I don’t know about others out there.

  4. I used FuckBookNet.net and I can say that it’s a legit site in the sense that it’s not a scam or anything…as to what its like, tbh I don’t really remember that much about that.

  5. Shirley Dryfus

    Good, I’ve finally found a site that I feel entirely comfortable using because I think that I’m actually going to see some results from using. There’s no better feeling from a dating site than that.

  6. I had wanted to test out FuckBookNet.net for quite some time and when I finally got around to doing it I realized that I’d really been missing out. This site is great. Everyone should join.

  7. I can’t give this site a high enough rating. It’s not only easy to use, but it’s actually fun to use and message all the different women. You never know when a connection is waiting.

  8. Snappy Smuggler

    I can’t tell you how many bad sites I used last year before finding this good one in 2014. I mean, it’s pretty good…good enough for me to come and leave a pretty nice review.

  9. I’m not here to find a woman to spend the next god-knows-how-much time dating, I’m just here to find someone to hook up with. I only hope FuckBookNet.net comes through. I’ll be mad if it doesn’t.

  10. I wish that all sites like this were…you know, sites like this. This one is REALLY good and I think the women are much nicer and more approachbale compared to women on some other sites.

  11. If you ask me, FuckBookNet.net is more deserving of a good review than any of those other sub-par sites out there. The messaging system on this one actually works, so I could talk to tons of women.

  12. The women on this site are much hotter and much more approachable than women on other sites. Seriously, some of these women…how are THEY having trouble getting a hookup or date or anything like that?

  13. Agent Giant

    This site not only isn’t a scam, but there’s actually a lot of women on it. I had so many sex dates within the first week or two that I used the site, trust me!

  14. Can anyone tell me a few things about FuckBookNet.net? I need to know if its legit and what kind of people use it (obvs the women especially) before I even consider joining or anything like that.

  15. Armando Bell

    This site is so good. You can’t argue with my results…all the women I met on this site that I’ve had sex dates with have been good at blowing my mind in the best way.

  16. Official Heart

    A friend kept recommending that I test out FuckBookNet.net and though it took me a long time to get around to it, I was really thankful when I finally did sign up and use it.

  17. I couldn’t rate this site lowly if I tried! It started out as just a casual hookup but now I’m actually dating a woman I met on here. Unconventional, but really good, I think, tbh.

  18. Cruel Left-handed Ocelot

    Is there a better site to use in 2014 than this one? If so, I’d like to use it. This one has good enough reviews and it’s great so I want to see what others are.

  19. You know, I’ve used quite a few dating sites in my time but FuckBookNet.net is one of the ones I haven’t used. Maybe because this one is more centered on hookups…I think? Is that right?

  20. Donn Olphert

    Sites like this are the reason I’m not going to die cold and alone. Even if I can’t keep a relationship I can for sure have some great casual hookups instead of actual, serious dating.

  21. FuckBookNet.net gets a good review and you can consider me an extremely satisfied user. I’ve used dating and hookup sites before but I’ve never used on where I had SO many women messaging me so often.

  22. In comparison to the other sites I’ve contented myself with in the past, this one really shines above the rest. It’s easy to use and it’s not a scam, plus all the women are hot as hell.

  23. Wild Plutonium

    Is there anything worse than a scam site? Good thing this site isn’t one. It’s not the end-all, be-all best site I’ve ever used but I would definitely never call it a bad site at all.

  24. I don?t know yet if FuckBookNet.net is legit. I’ve been considering joining but I’m going to have to do some research first before I decide one way or the other. That’s the smart thing imo.

  25. Florencio Stern

    I didn’t think I’d find a hookup site that was actually good but that was before I found this one. Now I know what a good site is truly like. I don’t want to use another!

  26. Tiger Willy

    If you test out FuckBookNet.net and don’t like how it works, then maybe the world of casual hookup sites isn’t for you. This is one of the, best, so you won’t find a site better.

  27. Rating these types of sites has always seemed kind of useless to me but I’m here to say that this one deserves high praise. The women are hot and it’s easy for me to use.

  28. Richy Harmony

    I used this site at the very beginning of 2014 and now I’m here a few months later to leave a review. It’s a pretty good site as far as these types of things go.

  29. Alejandro

    I usually make it a point to use every dating site at least once just so I have a wide range of knowledge about all of them. FuckBookNet.net is next on my very long list.

  30. Will Reiss

    Nothing could convince me to stop using sites like this. Why would I stop when I’ve been having such great results meeting women every time I log into the site? You can’t argue with that.


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