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The old bait-and-switch scam is what you'll be seeing from the first page on. When a site won't even tell you the truth about where profiles are, why would you trust it with your info?

IWantCasual.com is just one more joke that we’ve found in our travels. This site just loves scamming anyone who joins, and that’s something we found out pretty quickly.

They don’t care about you.

The thing that you really have to understand is that they don’t care about anyone that wants to join their site. They mostly just want to take your money, and they do that in spades.

Casual Dating Scam Alert IMG

During our IWantCasual review, we mostly found ourselves grinding our teeth at the number of bait and switch scams that were present on these sites. These are really, really annoying.

A bait and switch scam is a profile that they advertise to be in your area…only for it to change locations as soon as you join. That’s the default IWantCasual scam, to be honest.

It’s just sleezy.

Sites that do this really know exactly what they’re doing. They’re lying to you to get you to join, and if you don’t think that’s just downright gross, then you’re really wrong.

overlay image for IWantCasual

We hated that about this site more than anything, and we wanted to leave as soon as we realized this was going on. The site just didn’t get any better when we dug into it.

These scams are all over the site, as well as many others. The whole site as far as we can tell is one big lie, and that means you just are wasting our time on it in general.

Our Review Flopped

We ended up spending a total of five moths on our IWantCasual review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 240 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t IWantCasual scams.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 240 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 17 responses total. This was really pathetic, and nowhere close to the results that we wanted to see.

Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, which means, of course, that we didn’t get laid on this site. Our whole review of it was just one big waste of time in general.

We weren’t surprised, but again, we really hate wasting that much time. This site was just a flop from start to finish, and it really put a bad taste in our mouths in general.

Scams Everywhere, and Nothing For You

Sites like this really give a bad name to online dating sites, and we hate that more than anything. You just can’t get anywhere on this site without getting scammed.

It’s not safe.

Safety shouldn’t be a huge concern of yours when you’re trying to pick up ladies. You should be focusing on having fun, and the site itself should be taking care of you.

That’s just not going to happen here, and that’s a fact. They just want your money, and if they have to scam you to get it, then so be it. They really don’t care.

In general, there’s really nothing to be done about that except to just leave this site. That’s what we did at the end of our review, and we never ended up looking back.

News About This Dating Failure

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A quality sex life is easily attainable, but this article will help more than IWantCasual.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/tips-quality-sex-life-33517.html?cat=41

IWantCasual.com Doesn’t Work for Dating

We really didn’t like IWantCasual.com, and that’s because this site is just one big flop after another. There’s nothing good about it, and it’s not going to get you laid at all.

It’s just crap.

This site is really one of the worst for scammers that we’ve ever seen, and that made us want to leave this site in the dust sooner rather than later. Trust us on that!

You can do so much better than this site. You don’t deserve to be looking over your shoulder constantly and stressing out about a ton of scammers ruining your day.

That’s all this site is going to do, and that’s why you just need to leave it alone. It’s not going to do you any favors; not like a good site that actually wants you to get laid would.

Check out the best of the best.

Our number one site is FuckBookNet.net, and that’s because it really does work. If you check it out, you’ll end up seeing some serious results that will make you happy.

Check it out, and see what it can do for you.

20 Responses to “IWantCasual.com Just Doesn’t Work For Anyone”

  1. I didn’t want to leave a review for IWantCasual.com but a friend persuaded me to share my own poor experience.

  2. The women on this site are not only ugly in comparison to women on other sites, they’re mean and unapproachable.

  3. Wolverine Grim

    If you’re not sure if a site is a scam or not, do some research. I decided not to use this site.

  4. IWantCasual.com is legit, right? I just upgraded my profile to a full one so I hope I didn’t get scammed.

  5. Keith Alice

    I wondered if this site was good but I don’t wonder any more. It’s not very good at all imo.

  6. Dugong Stray

    Don?t bother signing up to test out IWantCasual.com. It’s not worth your time or trouble and you’ll just regret it.

  7. There’s no way I’d ever give this site a high rating, not when it’s the worst one I’ve ever used.

  8. If you’ve left a review for this site since 2014 started it’s probably gone. They delete unfavorable reviews. It’s ridiculous.

  9. I guess IWantCasual.com is a popular dating site right now. Maybe I should sign up and see what it’s like.

  10. Gaston Schuth

    I think sites like this are the reason why I’m not getting laid. All they do is waste my time.

  11. Rebel Lucky Fox

    I’m here to post a review for IWantCasual.com and it’s not going to be a good one this time tbh.

  12. I’m not sure how this site stacks up in comparison to others bc this is all I’ve used. I didn’t like it.

  13. If there’s a scam in place on this site I wasn’t a victim of it but I bet it’s there.

  14. I think IWantCasual.com seems like a pretty legit site, but who am I to judge? I don’t know much about these.

  15. Gerardo Rawls

    Good, I’ve gotten away from this site finally. I don’t ever want to see it again. I’m just so done.

  16. Nathan Darkmoon

    I signed up to test out IWantCasual.com but when I saw more of the site I cancelled the free trial right away.

  17. I have to give this site a low rating because most of the women were ugly or the profile was fake.

  18. Left-handed Bad Foal

    This site doesn’t get a good review from me. Sad, too. It was the first site I used in 2014.

  19. If you think dating is hard, you should probably join a dating site. I think IWantCasual.com is offering free trials or something.

  20. Philip Osteen

    I’ve nevver used any other sites like this but after using this one I don’t really think I want to.


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