The Best (and Worst) Gifts for a Casual Date

Let’s get this out of the way: yes, there is some merit to giving gifts to your casual date. No, that doesn’t mean she’s going to automatically assume that you want a relationship.

Giving gifts can be a great thing for both of you.

If you like someone, you want to treat them well. This can mean just being nice, or it can mean buying them a little something. You want the woman you’re with to be happy, so don’t worry about whether or not she’s going to expect anything more.

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You’re just being a nice person. You wouldn’t think anything of picking something up for a friend, so think of it the same way. If you want to have more success with women, start treating them more like your friends on an equal footing, not like breasts and butts with some minimal brains hovering on top or possibly in between.

Give her something fun.

These gifts we’re talking about don’t have to be especially meaningful or significant. Don’t worry about what she’s going to think of it, just give her something good.

You can find something for this lady on any budget. On the low end, if she remarks often that her hands are cold, give her a pair of gloves—something to be worn next to the skin, something practical yet not terribly meaningful or important to her.

Give her something you want her to use and think of you—and no, we don’t mean a sex toy. Get her a pair of roller blades, or a fun accessory, something she doesn’t feel pressured to use or wear all of the time and could easily have bought for herself.

Don’t get her anything that needs long-term care.


A pet is out. Do not get her a pet. Even if you think you’re going to want more from this woman than a casual relationship, do not get her any sort of living being.

Some possible exceptions can be made for houseplants, but still be quite wary of actually getting her something that will last a long time and requires some maintenance.

Electrical gifts should be fine, as long as you want to splurge. Don’t get her anything too practical, but if you want to be fancy, a music player is a great idea for most guys who want to be a player.

Gifts don’t have to be material.

One great way to spoil your casual fling is to give her something intangible. For example, tickets are one of the best gifts you can give. They require no maintenance and storage space, and they create great memories, as well as the feeling of a splurge.

Concert tickets to something you both enjoy is a lovely plan. Another fun one is tickets to a short vacation together. For other tips on traveling with a casual relationship, see our guide on Traveling together with your casual date.

This will also help her feel more inclined to accept the gift. Many women don’t like taking gifts from casual dates because they know the relationship will soon be over.

As long as you won’t leave lots of traces of your affair hanging around her home after you’re gone, you’re probably good. Feel free to splurge a little and make her face light up.

Trust us, you’ll be reaping those rewards.


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