Scoring the Good Sportsmanship Award

You might think we’re talking about how to hook up without inconveniencing other blokes, but all’s fair in love and war. This is about learning to respect your true teammates in the great sport that is casual online dating.

Casual dating is a multiplayer sport.

You can’t get the MVP trophy if you don’t assist your fellows, and that’s as true in casual dating as it is in rugby. You want to make sure your teammates can rely on you.

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You also don’t want to be the one to drop the ball. It’s all about respect, and about knowing that there’s no one in the world who’s more suited to helping you than your partner.

In casual dating, your partner is your teammate.

The women you meet on casual dating want to play around, and so do you. You don’t want to get benched because you can’t follow directions, and you don’t want to have to deal with someone else being obnoxious because you’re having a hard time with the rules.

If you respect the ladies that decide to play with you, you’ll be successful with more girls. You don’t need to want to play with them for an extended period of time—sometimes it’s just for the duration of a pick-up game of a lazy Sunday morning.

Disrespecting and neglecting their needs will get you a red card.

As in football, failing to pay attention to your teammates has stronger consequences than simply earning you distrust and possibly injury (something sex and sports have in common).

If you’re not being a team player, you can be benched. After all, when you’re engaging in a two-player sport, there’s only so much you can do when your partner won’t cooperate.

If you don’t want to be playing forward to your right hand for a long timeout, you’re going to need to learn how to be a better teammate. Respect your ladyfriend. Make sure she’s happy. See that her needs are being taken care of at all times.

You don’t have to be a boyfriend to be a good partner.

If you’re seeing to her needs, you’re a good partner. She’s going to be far more eager if you’re making sure she’s well taken care of. Otherwise, she’s liable to want to find someone with fewer fouls to his name and league record than you have.

All you have to really do is make sure you’re not being neglectful, and above all, obey the one cardinal rule you have to follow if you want to have more success with women:

Stop treating sex as a one-player game.

She’s just as excited about scoring with you as you are with her. This is good for both of you, so stop thinking that having sex is you scoring against her opposing team.

She’s your teammate. Yeah, you can have a hell of a lot of teammates, as long as you treat them all with respect and the very minimal attention they deserve of yours.

Unsportsmanlike behavior will get you benched, and rightfully so.

Be the man you’d want to hook up with if you were a woman. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment, and act how you’d want your partner to act. It shouldn’t be that difficult.


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