When She’s Reluctant to Meet in Person

It’s a wild and scary Internet out there. A little bit of caution is appropriate in any situation, especially when you’re trying online dating. Because of this, we understand if the girl we’re talking to doesn’t immediately want to meet us in person.

Some women have good reasons.

Maybe they’ve had bad experiences in the past, or maybe they are just really afraid of serial murderers. In any case, you don’t want to push a woman too hard to meet you in person.

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If you live a ways apart, she might be reluctant to make the long drive to come and see you, or vice versa. If things are going very well with her, however, you might want to try to convince her.

Timing is key.

Worried Girl

Don’t immediately demand to meet her in person in the first message. That’s one of the biggest red flags you can send to a woman. It makes you sound as if there’s an agenda on your mind besides casual sex, and you don’t want that if you’re going to have more success with women.

The other thing you must do is refrain from being pushy or belligerent towards her. It’s rude, it’s creepy, and she will be well within her rights to entirely block you.

Ask her out directly in the second or third message. This is enough time for her to feel like you have some small rapport built up, and isn’t a long time so you’ll be wasting it.

Offer to meet in a public place.

Women get nervous about being invited to meet in a private location. Never, never offer to meet her at your house. Not only is this a pretty creepy thing to offer, but it’s not safe for you, either. You don’t want a total stranger knowing your home address.

Offer to meet her on a video chat.

If she’s still reluctant to meet you in person after you’re a gentleman and offer to meet in a public place, offer to have a Skype chat. This will help you both see each other.

That way, you can confirm that you’re both who you say you are. It’ll put your mind at ease that she’s as hot as her picture says she is, and it’ll help her see that you’re just a regular bloke.

If she’s still not budging, say farewell.

You’re here to be successful with girls, not to cater to the whims of a neurotic. If she’s going to be insane and paranoid about the whole thing, remind yourself that there are better uses of your time.

Tip your hat, and go back to the dating races. She obviously needs some time to figure herself out before she goes for a casual date with anyone. You don’t need to waste your time helping her figure out the issues that she so obviously is dealing with.


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