Ways to Spot a Site That’s a Waste of Cyberspace

It’s 2014. There are web designers in every corner of the Internet. Your cousin is probably a web designer, given the actual percentages of guys that grow up to know coding.

There is no excuse for a gross-looking website.

If you see a site that looks like it was designed by a chimpanzee on its lunch break, back away slowly, then faster. This is not a good site for you. This is a site that no one cares about.

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You won’t find any women on a website that isn’t well-designed. Women are repelled by this kind of site too, and for good reason. If the site looks like crap, it probably is.

It’s so cheap to find a good designer these days. If the people behind this site haven’t bothered, then it’s very likely they just aren’t trying. One reason for this is that they’re expecting the site to be taken down soon, so they’re just trying to cheaply wring as much money out of unsuspecting men and women as possible first.

Bad design is indicative of a bad site.

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If you’re struggling with a clunky menu and a bad messaging system, the women on the site will be doing the same thing—and they’re not going to want to put up with it.

If you’re on a bad site, you’ll quickly find that there aren’t many women there. If there are, they’re going to be fake profiles, or women that haven’t realized how bad the site is yet. They will.

A good site will reach out to women.

As we mentioned in another guide, a great site will not be full of boobs and butts. A great site will be designed to reach out to everyone, since that’s the only way to get both men and women to join.

On any site like this, every profile you see is going to be either fake, or it will belong to an escort or cam girl. Make sure you’re not getting suckered in by a site like this.

Administration is a good clue.

If the administration is lazy or completely absent, take a clue from them. Abandon ship immediately. This is not going to be a good site for you to find casual dating in England.

A dating site needs a good administrator. This is the only way to keep casual dating site scams under control. The administrator is the higher power that customers can appeal to when they’re the victim of a horrible rip-off, spam, or scam.

Information safety is important.

Don’t forget that you’re risking more than just your happiness by signing on to these sites. If you’re on a bad one, your information can be stolen, which is no good at all.

That means that your credit card could be fraudulently used against you, and you could lose your login information. If you’re like one of the millions of blokes who uses the same passcode for everything, you know how important that word can be.

Just stick to the best sites, and ignore the fakers.


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