What to do If You Underperform in Bed

Every guy thinks they’re awesome in bed. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t. Just because it’s easier for a guy to get off than it is for a woman doesn’t mean guys are better by default. It actually means that guys need to work harder in order to be good at it. Nobody wants to hear that they’re terrible in bed, but if a woman isn’t getting hers she’s going to let you know. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to make women laugh every time you get in bed with them. Instead, take what you’re told and work on getting better. Listen to Her “Find out what she likes first” If you’re really not getting her off and it’s obvious, it’s time to talk to her about it. Ask her what it is in particular that you are or aren’t doing that isn’t working for her. Whatever she tells you, don’t take it as an insult. Instead, ask her what she’d like you to do. Better yet, ask her to show you. Women’s bodies don’t come with a manual, so if there’s a way she likes to be touched, the best way to learn it is to get her to demonstrate. Being willing to listen to what she’d like will…

Using Aphrodisiacs to Your Advantage

Getting laid is a priority in most men’s lives. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for most women. Guys need all the help they can get when it comes to having sex as often as they’d like. This is where food can be awesome. If you want to start hooking up with your dates, try giving them meals filled with foods that are aphrodisiacs. That way you can kick up her sex drive so it’s as high as yours. There’s nothing better than dinner and a show, right? Cook the Meal Yourself “Be a good Cook & get better sex” Not every regular restaurant you go out to is going to serve meals filled with aphrodisiac food. And if you take her out to an upscale restaurant for that kind of meal, it’s going to cost you. Take the cheap, easy way out and cook the meal yourself. Obviously this is only going to be an option if you actually know how to cook. Making the food yourself also lets you set the scene for intimacy. Serving her aphrodisiac food with candles and music might get her in the mood even faster than you’d planned. Know What Foods Work Feeding her food that’s going to get her horny is only going…

Pulling Attention Away from Your Physical Flaws

Physical flaws can be both annoying and embracing. If you’ve been trying to find a way to stop people from noticing some of your flaws, you can try these steps to help you out. The Beer Belly “It’s time to hide it from her” For some of us, it doesn’t matter how often you hit the gym, that beer belly just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Sometimes having a stomach that seems to demand more attention than the rest of your body may be off-putting to both you and to the women that you’re interested in dating. However, you don’t need to go through extreme measures in order to make your good disappear. All you really need to do is draw the focus away from it. If you have a good sense of fashion, pulling the attention away from your beer belly can be pretty easy. If not, you may need to rely on magazines, the Internet, or friends with a good eye for fashion. The best way to pull attention away from your stomach is to look like you have on expensive clothes. It is not necessary for you to go out and buy expensive clothing. You simply need to arrange your clothing in a way that…

How to Recover When Something Embarrassing Happens

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we do something or say something that ends up leaving us feeling completely embarrassed about the situation. Just because you do something embarrassing does not mean that you have ruined your entire date. While doing something embarrassing can set you back depending on what it is, it doesn’t mean that you cannot recover and still have a successful date. Before you take it as your cue to flee when something embarrassing happens to you, take some time to decide whether or not what happened to you is too embarrassing to bounce back from. Identify How Embarrassing the Situation Is “Feeling embarrassed?” A lot of times we think something is extremely embarrassing when really it is only mildly embarrassing. For instance, knocking over your glass and spilling your wine is really no cause for you to end your date as quickly as possible. Instead, you have a few options to change the atmosphere of your embarrassing situation. One thing you can do is apologize and make fun of yourself for being so clumsy and blame it on being nervous because your date is so beautiful. If wine happens to get on her take her glass and splash a little wine are you. She…

Easy Ways to Flatter Her

When it comes to flattering women, some of us have no idea what to say. Sometimes if we’re lucky enough to know what to say, we still fail at figuring out how to say it. Something that sounds flattering in our heads can come out sounding awful if said incorrectly. If you really want to flatter women, what you first need to do is figure out not only what to say, but exactly how to say it. She Caught Your Eye, and Kept It “Don’t lose the eye contact” One of the best ways to flatter women is to let them know that you noticed them a long time ago, but they’ve you’ve been working up the nerve to come introduce yourself to her. When you do this, you don’t want to say anything like, “I’ve been watching you for awhile now,” or “I’ve been staring at you from across the room.” That will definitely make you come up as sort of creepy. Instead, you can say something like, “I noticed you awhile ago, and I’ve glanced back a few times to make sure you were still there. It looked like you were about to leave, so I figured I’d take my chances and come say hello.” This type of…


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