What Her Career Says About Her

“Career-minded woman dating” A woman’s career can say a lot about her. Sometimes her career and her personality don’t often go hand in hand, but more often that not you can easily judge what type of person a woman is by her choice of career. The next time you’re chatting with a woman, find out what her career is and get an advantage over figuring out how to impress her (or whether or not you should stay away from her) If She’s a Front Runner If you’re hooking up with a woman in a competitive field like management who is always working to be ahead of the game, you can be certain that this women will have little to no time for you. Front-runner women are impressive, but they generally have no time for typical dating. If you manage to score a date with one of these women, be prepared to listen to her talk very passionately about her job. It can be rather motivating, but it can also be unbelievably boring. The good thing about front-runner women is that they don’t make you wait forever for sex. However, don’t be surprised if sex is all she ever wants from you. The key to dating front-runner women are being able…

Pulling Attention Away from Your Physical Flaws

Physical flaws can be both annoying and embracing. If you’ve been trying to find a way to stop people from noticing some of your flaws, you can try these steps to help you out. The Beer Belly “It’s time to hide it from her” For some of us, it doesn’t matter how often you hit the gym, that beer belly just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Sometimes having a stomach that seems to demand more attention than the rest of your body may be off-putting to both you and to the women that you’re interested in dating. However, you don’t need to go through extreme measures in order to make your good disappear. All you really need to do is draw the focus away from it. If you have a good sense of fashion, pulling the attention away from your beer belly can be pretty easy. If not, you may need to rely on magazines, the Internet, or friends with a good eye for fashion. The best way to pull attention away from your stomach is to look like you have on expensive clothes. It is not necessary for you to go out and buy expensive clothing. You simply need to arrange your clothing in a way that…

How to Recover When Something Embarrassing Happens

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we do something or say something that ends up leaving us feeling completely embarrassed about the situation. Just because you do something embarrassing does not mean that you have ruined your entire date. While doing something embarrassing can set you back depending on what it is, it doesn’t mean that you cannot recover and still have a successful date. Before you take it as your cue to flee when something embarrassing happens to you, take some time to decide whether or not what happened to you is too embarrassing to bounce back from. Identify How Embarrassing the Situation Is “Feeling embarrassed?” A lot of times we think something is extremely embarrassing when really it is only mildly embarrassing. For instance, knocking over your glass and spilling your wine is really no cause for you to end your date as quickly as possible. Instead, you have a few options to change the atmosphere of your embarrassing situation. One thing you can do is apologize and make fun of yourself for being so clumsy and blame it on being nervous because your date is so beautiful. If wine happens to get on her take her glass and splash a little wine are you. She…


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