Why Overthinking Things Is Keeping You from Getting Laid

“Don’t think too much about her” The dating and hookup scene can be an overwhelming and confusing place for anybody, and you may feel like you are over your head. This is normal, especially if you haven’t tried to hook up with women regularly before. You may find yourself stressed out and over thinking things, and while this is also a normal reaction, it is definitely something you want to avoid if you can. Overthinking things can lead to serious issues for you down the road and at the very least it will not be helpful when you want to hook up with women. Knowing why you should stop overthinking things will help you have a much more enjoyable time on the hookup scene. It Makes You Visibly Nervous “Be confident and don’t be nervous” Overthinking things is an easy way to make yourself nervous. Worrying about every little thing that she says and does is not going to help you be calm at all, and you will probably wind up being very obviously nervous about the situation and conversation. Being visibly nervous will keep you from getting laid because women do not want to hook up with guys who aren’t certain about themselves. You need to be confident, and…

The Art of Bailing the Morning After

It’s easy to forget about consequences and aftermath when you’re hooking up with a gorgeous woman. Guys don’t think about much during sex except sex. When it’s all over, though, you’re faced with the dilemma of an exit strategy. As great as one night stands are, the morning after is generally awkward for everyone. Sneak Away “Get away from her clinginess” Guys that do this are universally loathed. That said, guys that do this don’t have to deal with weird morning after clinginess from the women they’ve banged. Sneaking away is easy and gets you off the hook. As long as you’re okay with being hated after you do it, it might be the best bailing strategy for you. Sneaking away from her is only going to work if she’s a deep sleeper or in an alcoholic coma after a wild night. Otherwise, she’ll wake up and catch you in the act, which’ll make the whole thing even worse. If you opt for this kind of exit, keep in mind she won’t ever want to have sex with you again. For that reason, only do this if you’re not interested in seeing her. Leave a Note If you’re not sure about whether you want to keep hooking up with her…

Spotting the Crazy Girls from across the Bar

“Know how to deal with them” A little bit of crazy can be fun when you want to hook up with girls, but it can go pretty badly for you if you wind up with a girl who’s a bit too crazy. Being able to spot which women will be troublesome will help you have better hookups. It will also help you make sure that you don’t wind up sleeping with someone you will regret hooking up with, and you won’t have to worry about any future trouble with the girls you choose to spend time with. Note that this won’t always work, since some girls are completely normal while still acting a bit crazy, but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Why You Need to Avoid Crazy Chicks You might think that hooking up with a crazy chick would be all fun and games. After all she’ll probably be a bit more exciting in bed than your average hookup, so why avoid her at all? There are some very good reasons why you should avoid crazy chicks and they all revolve around what happens after the hookup. She may get really clingy or she may try to track you down afterwards. You never know. It’s best to…

Getting Rid of Smoker’s Breath Before You Kiss the Girl

Smoking isn’t a pleasant habit in the slightest, but unfortunately it’s what we call an addiction. If you can’t get away from it you’ll find that, although there are women that smoke, it’s not as widely accepted as it used to be. Women don’t want to be kissing ashtrays when they’re thinking that the time has come for a romantic moonlit kiss. While you’re trying to quit your addiction (or keep it around, we don’t judge) you can do some things that will help you stop that stank form leaving your mouth. Mints….Sort Of “Take some mints to fight your bad breath” Mints and gum are always the go-to thing for smokers when it comes to covering up the smoky smell. But really all that that’s going to do is make it smell like you use menthols. Have you ever walked into a bathroom where someone just shit so hard that the paint is peeling off of the walls? Then they try to spray some air freshener over it like that’s supposed to help. Essentially you end up with explosive diarrhea mixed in with a garden of lilac. It doesn’t smell good; it just throws some sweet smell over something bad. We’re not saying your breath is shit, we are…


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